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Tucson: Casting For 35mm Film


Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2006 2:16 PM
Subject: [Tucson Actors] Casting For 35mm Film

Production or Project Title: April's Last
Type (Play, Film, TV Show, etc.): 35mm Short Film sponsored by Kodak
Director and/or Producer's Name: Joe Odea

Audition or Casting Contact: Eli Benavidez

Company or Theatre: University of Arizona

Address (Mailing, may be PO Box):
UA Kodak 35mm Project
Media Arts
P.O. Box 210158B

Address (Physical, must be street location):
City, State, Zip: Tucson, Arizona 85721
Telephone: NA
Fax: NA

Audition/Casting Details: Open Casting.
Date(s) and Time(s): Submit Resumes and Headshots by April 21st


Send all resumes and headshots to -
UA Kodak 35mm Project
Media Arts
P.O. Box 210158B
Marshall Bldg Rm. 220
Tucson, Arizona 85721

Location(s) (Filming, Production or Performance): Tucson, AZ
SHOOTING DATES: May 21st to May 27th
(and be available for rehearsals)

Preparation (Cold Read, Prepared Monologue, Sing 16 Bars, etc.)
Auditions by invite only. A prepared monologue will be required for
those selected.

Payment (Amount, Parameters, Timeframe, Meals, etc.): Volunteer only,
but this film will be screened in LA and NY. As well as many other
high profile festivals. Great for experience and exposure.

Cast Breakdown, Parts or Roles (Gender, Age Range, Physical Type, etc.):

Lucky - A 15-19 year-old male. Idealistic, adventurous and a little
naive, Lucky is the youngest of the group.

Giga - A 22-30 year-old male. A capable yet disillusioned leader. The
older brother that Lucky never had, but always wanted.

A 18-25 year-old young woman. Strong willed, but ultimately
vulnerable. Slightly attractive, but unconventionally so.

The young woman's child, a 5-9 year-old male or female. Frail and
young looking - but full of life.

An old man, 50-80 years old. The once strong, but wise elder of the group.

An old woman, 50-80 years old. The kind but tired mother-figure of the

A 20-40 year old male Sniper. A worn and tired, yet steadfast enemy

Various background characters, 40-80 year old men and women with worn,

Rough Outline of Time Commitment (Rehearsal Schedule, Shooting
Schedule, Etc.):
Rehearsals will begin the week prior to May 21st. Roughly, May 14 -
20th (this will vary). 
Production shoot is slated for May 21st to May 27th

Additional Notes:

APRIL'S LAST follows a group of war-torn survivors living underground
in a basement during a violent siege. A critical situation arises when
their water mysteriously runs out. Lucky, the youngest of the group
volunteers to brave the considerable dangers outside of the basement
to find more water. Outside the protection of the basement, he finds
something that unexpectedly changes his life forever.


The film will have a very naturalistic and quasi-documentary style,
which is heavily influencing our casting requirements.

These characters have been spending a considerable length of time
living in a basement during a war. They are tired and worn, with
appearances suitable for their situation. They aren't pretty, but
perhaps under better circumstances they would be (they ARE NOT
super-models). Their general health is good to mediocre, and their
physical builds are usually frail to medium. All ethnicities are being
considered at this time.

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