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Tucson: Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre OPEN AUDITIONS

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Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre is seeking a few fun loving, funky individuals
for its ongoing dinner show, "Murder at Magic Manor", its children's
show,"Who Stole the Magic Beans?", and "Murder at Medicine Gultch," a new
western-themed dinner show that will begin production in the near future. We
are looking to fill positions immediately. Improv experience preferred.
Auditions will be held Friday, July 28 and Friday, August 4 starting at 5.
If you are interested in auditioning, but cannot make these dates/times, we
may still be able to accommodate you. Actors average earnings are between
$75-$100 for each mystery dinner theater performance and between $25-$50 for
each children's theater matinee performance.

RSVP with Stacey at 904-5615 or with Kim by email at:
kimberle@email.arizona.edu for an audition time and further information.

We are casting for the following roles:

Dinner Theater Comedic Interactive (fully-scripted) Murder Mystery Whodunit

The Mostly Magnificent Steve: male, age range-20-40, an egotistical,
neurotic and sinister, yet charismatic and lovable magician

Inga/Wanda (UNDERSTUDY and potential principle): female, age range-18-30,
two different female roles played by the same actress, young and sexy, a
Swedish accent and a Fran Drescher~esque Jersy accent are necessary for the
roles. Singing voice a plus.

Marsha Marsha Marsha: age range-16-40, female, nerdy and awkward, yet
adorable, must be somewhat limber; requires the ability to be "sawed in
half" so must be thin to medium build and approximately between 5"4 and 5"9.

Miss Trickzee (UNDERSTUDY): 19-40ish flirtatious, trashy, obnoxious,
CROSS-DRESSING ROLE (The role is usually played by a man)


Childrens' Theater Fairy tale Interactive matinee luncheon mystery
seeking UNDERSTUDIES and potential principles for:

Fairy Godmothergoose: any age, whimsical, ditzy, confused, loving
"fairygodmother" type character

Maiden Fair: age range-15~35 ditzy, adorable maiden

Jack: age range-16~35 Jack, from "Jack and the Beanstalk," only he is very
confused not very bright

Madhatter: any age male, goofy, high energy, carries the story, operates a
puppet "king" as well.

New Dinner Theater Comedic Interactive (fully-scripted) Western Murder
Mystery Whodunit

Doc - Male, any age - Fast talking, high energy likeable scoundrel snake oil

"pitchman"- western pistol twirling a plus.

Miss Kitty - Male or female, Any Age gutsy saloon keeper

Cyde Kick - Male, age range-18-40, meek but classic western sidekick

Belle - female, age range-18-35, young and sexy, Singing voice a plus.

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