Sunday, July 02, 2006

Tucson: More information on feature film "Heathen Stevens" - Open Call

Dear TTA List Members,
Below are exerpts from a dialog I've had with the producer of the feature film "Heathen Stevens".  It sounds like a wonderful project and all parts are open.

TTA List Administrator

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you encouraging your actors to audition for my movie.    If you have any more, please, send them all my way. I'd love to give everyone a chance to audition......... all the parts are still up for grabs and I'm interested in meeting all kinds of unique and diverse people.  ...
... The type of people I want to play the "Stevens" are probably those who aren't really encouraged to become actors in the first place. There's no real great way to describe someone as idiosyncratic looking or not traditionally good looking or funny looking but unfortunately that's the type of guys I have to hunt for. Part of the purpose of the movie is to show people the negative effects of reality television on society and to show how eager people are to humiliate each other and the consequences of those actions. Like I said before send everyone my way if it's not too inconvenient, if you know of people who don't even have acting experience but who sort of fit the bill send them my way too, I'm giving everyone an audition to pretty much everyone, I'd like to get to know people and meet everyone.

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