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Tucson: Audition Technique - Summer Blowout



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Another Summer Acting Class Blowout
The Studio for Actors

The course is Audition Technique, and for the first and only time, it is being offered as 'take 5 classes, get the 6th class free' ( a $45 value).  You can pay for all 5 classes upfront, or pay $45 a week as you come.

Dates of offer: June 25 - August 27. 

Here's the deal - way too often people call me and say "I have a really important audition in one week - can you get me ready?"- well - it's just not enough time.
As you know, aside from a few independent films, there aren't many things to audition for during the summer in Arizona, so it makes so much sense to prepare ahead of time and then, by the fall when the really big things come in, you'll be ready to absolutely nail auditions for film, stage and TV commercials - yes?
This course is amazing and my approach to auditioning can't be found in books or other auditioning classes because it is based on my own 1500 auditions in NYC and LA.  So, whether you're just starting out, or you've been acting for years, your auditions will now be really great.

Now is the time

About the coach - Anna Risley was in the cast of Saturday Night Live for one year, in two Broadway shows, has done 2 CBS pilots for new situation comedies, some 35 plays, twelve speaking roles in feature films in NYC and L.A. and 30 years of voice over work nationally.

Call for more information - 881-2363, or check out the website for other courses.


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