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Tucson: Need CAST and CREW for "The 13th Hour" Feature Film

From: Stephanie Joyce [mailto:sbjoyce@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2007 12:59 PM
Subject: Need CAST and CREW for "The 13th Hour" Feature Film

Teo/Ward Productions from L.A. is looking for Cast and Crew to be a part of "The 13th Hour" project.  This film has already secured distribution with Lions Gate even before filming!

We need students and professionals in the Tucson area that are willing to work for experience, credit, and incredible food! The shoot will be professionally catered.  Some compensation will be available for actors only.

A production meeting will be held this Sunday, June, 24th.  Please contact either email below for your respective field and for more

If you are an actors/actresses, please submit headshots and resumes to:


For crew (Grip, Gaffer, Electricians, Production Design Assistants, Production Assistants), please email:


Who:    Pearry Reginald Teo (Writer/Producer/Director), Chad Michael
Ward (Writer/Director), and Stephanie Joyce (Writer/Producer)

What:  We are producing 3 shorts that will make up a feature "The 13th Hour".  The unifying theme of all the shorts is the loss, attainment, or stealing of one's  "soul".

The 13th hour has been recognized as the secret hours according to South East Asian beliefs where bodies can be exhumed and demons can be called for to inhibit the vessels of them. The story of the 13th hour wraps around a man who calls forth 3 demons into the body of a siamese triplet, and the story that weaves around the damned. Think: "Tales of the Crypt" host that weaves 3 stories together.

The Short Stories:

 Troy, an addict of pain, finds meaning in his life other than acts of self destruction in a beautiful girl named Jayme. But while he wants to have a life with her, his soul does not want a life with him. A faithful night visit by an entity named Memphis will change it all.
Sometimes, the purpose of visit from an old familiar may not be the most pleasant thing.

 Lily, a young girl, has got new neighbors. And even though their recluse nature warns Lily to stay away, an event eventually forces her to step into their house. What she finds, is a little asian boy, trapped in a bird cage. Magic Symbols, painted in blood all around him. Lily must find a way to free her new found friend from the crone that lives in the very walls of the condemned house.

 When Hagen taps into the powers of the Ouija Board he tattoos on his back, he discovers the secret to opening the gates for the realm of the dead. But to prove his theory right, he has to venture one more time into the other world and return into another body, that of a little boy. But when he returns, Hagen and his friends realize that they also brought something back along with them.

The Creators:


 Director: Chad Michael Ward
 Producer: Pearry Reginald Teo / Stephanie Joyce
 Screenwriter: Stephanie Joyce


 Director: Chad Michael Ward
 Producer: Pearry Reginald Teo / Stephanie Joyce
 Screenwriter: Timothy Bacon / Chad Michael Ward


 Director / Producer / Screenwriter: Pearry Reginald Teo
 Producer: Stephanie Joyce

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