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Tucson: Theatre Discussion Series

Free Actor’s Gymnasium every Saturday – see bottom of post for more info


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"It is our duty, as theatre artists and intellectuals, to create disruption in our certainties fostering contact between different people, specialisations and environments."
-Eugenio Barba



Prescott College Tucson Center


presents a brand new kind of encounter…


Getting Acquainted Sunday Nights in July


“Coffee, Tea and Theatre


 Lecture, Discussion and Work Demonstration Series.


Join David Greenwood, Esther Almazan and members of The Actors Gymnasium each Sunday at 6 p.m. during the month of July at Prescott College Tucson Center, 2233 E. Speedway Blvd for a provocative and engaging series of presentations on Theatre.

It’s free, air conditioned, and open to the public.  Coffee, tea and hors d’oeuvres will be served.  Please RSVP to (520) 319 – 9868.


The Schedule


Sunday, July 1 – The Work of Stanislavsky

Actors turning their backs to the Czar, burning down the theatre, mad dogs chasing an actress around stage, and cabbage patch parties, are all part of the work and legacy of Constantine Stanislavsky who between 1897 and 1938 invented modern western theatre.  His symbolist production of Maeterlinck’s “The Blue Bird” was the first to combine an organic sense of stage behavior with a non-realistic, theatricalized vision of the world of the play.  His quest for a “spiritual” artistic home led to the founding of The First Studio of the Moscow Art Theatre which subsequently gave rise to the innovative work of Evgeny Vakhtangov, Michael Chekhov and many others and established the tradition of laboratory theatres carried through by such innovators as Jerzy Grotowski, Eugenio Barba and Peter Brook.


Sunday, July 8 – Meditation on Meyerhold

Revolution, Biomechanics, Constructivism, arrest, torture and death by Stalin’s henchman – such was the life and times of Vsevold Meyerhold.  After parting from Stanislavsky and the Moscow Art Theatre, Meyerhold set out on what became daring


crusade to reform theatre.  Working with poets such as Blok and Mayakovsky, Meyerhold created a series of productions which literally tore down the walls of sterility in the theatre and fashioned Meyerhold as the darling of the avant-garde. 


Sunday, July 15 – The Group Theatre Revisited

What do Clifford Odets, Lee Strasberg, Harold Clurman, Stella Adler, Cheryl Crawford, Ruth Nelson, Elia Kazan, Bobby Lewis, Sanford Meisner, Lee J. Cobb, Morris Carnovsky and Phoebe Brand all have in common?   As members of The Group Theatre they gave Broadway and America a new look, sound and whole new set of ideas.  Arthur Miller described them as a tribe which descended upon the stage, the likes of which never had and never will be seen again.  The gentility of popular American theatre was forced to give over to the rallying cry of “Strike, Strike, Strike!” for what’s right, as this new and vibrant theatrical voice and style was set loose by The Group. 


Sunday, July 22 – Eugenio Barba and The Odin Teatret

For more than 40 years now, a small band of theatre artists has been working day and night in big cities, small towns and far out places.  They are the Odin Teatret.  They work with consummate skill, diligence and ethics.  Their work creates a delicate touch upon the audience’s heart.  Like all good things, the Odin will pass soon.  In the meantime, their irresistible spirit, sailing like “a paper canoe” churns lessons of craft and revolt in its wake.


Sunday, July 29 – A Sentinel, A Sanctuary.

“It requires discipline, vision, and heart to make something for the world, to make something infinitely precious for yourself, and give it all away. To know how to do that -- know what must be protected, what must be shared, what must be abandoned.”

-Rachel Rutherford


For more information on this series please contact David Greenwood, or (520) 591-2476.





Actor’s Gymnasium, now in its second full year of activity, meets every Saturday from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. at Prescott College Tucson Center, 2233 E. Speedway Blvd.  This workshop is free and open to all interested actors and directors.  The focus of the workshop is on developing an actor’s scenic presence and physical skills.  The workshop requires alert involvement as well as respectful and courteous attitude at all times.  Participants combine work in movement, sound and responsiveness with an exploration of craft in relation to performance and text.  Participants are welcome to attend as their personal schedules permit.  For additional information please contact David Greenwood at (520) 591-2476 or



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