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Tucson: Auditions for A Cornfield Of Dreams / Casa Grande


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Subject: Fw: Auditions for A Cornfield Of Dreams


Subject: Auditions for A Cornfield Of Dreams

Auditions for A Cornfield Of Dreams Sat June 26 and Sunday June 27 1-4 pm at Cameo Performing Arts Studio 123 N Florence St Casa Grande AZ

July 30, 31 & Aug 1, 2010


For more info call Christine Deaton at 520-371-0022


Get ready for the corniest play this side of the Mississippi, whichever side you're on! Puns keep popping up in this wacky melodrama like a Jiffy Pop ready to explode! Pop and Ma Kornwell, along with their adopted daughter Little Sweet Pea, are beside themselves with worry. Colonel Kernal's cornfields are inexplicably drying up, so they have no corn for their recipes at the Corn Cafe. To make matters worse, the new banker in town, Ira Fuse, is demanding payment on their late mortgage! Lucky for them, Major Major comes to town scouting a new location for a military fort. Building the fort in Cornville would be a huge boon for Corn Cafe and General General's General Store (and especially for the lovestruck Little Sweet Pea!), but it won't happen unless they can solve the problem with the water shortage. Besides rolling their eyes at all the puns, your audience will be rolling in the aisles with laughter at the climactic corncob eating duel between Major Major and Ira Fuse that exposes the villain for the river-diverting cad he really is. Ah, shucks!


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