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Tucson: Local Producers Go To Extreme Measures for ACCESS TUCSON


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Access Producers Team Up With Members Of The Independent Film Association Of Southern Arizona (Ifasa) To Create An Extreme Lifestyle Pilot For Fuel And Spike T.V., But Access Tucson Gets It First!



Access Tucson has been in a major battle to keep their doors open for some time now. Not long ago, at a public board meeting, the board asked its producers for help. Help to raise funds & awareness as the city of Tucson had cut their budget pretty much down to nothing. The funds that are still being collected to this day by the cable company are now being directed else ware by the city council. Access Tucson has always been a hub for free speech & many Tucsonans have spread their messages to the world through this media outlet. As many Access Tucson members continue to struggle with the thought of possibly not having a community media center, others are not going down with out a fight.

These young producers and veteran film industry professionals are pooling their resources together with several Tucson business's to create "TWISTED METAL T.V." an extreme lifestyles show that takes you inside every aspect of the extreme, from extreme sports to extreme people. The first episode will focus on some extreme Tucsonans and will have one of Tucson 's most popular extreme bands playing the live show taping on July 4th on 4th ave. Once the pilot has gone through postproduction, Access Tucson viewers will have the first opportunity to see the show, but it will play for only a limited time. Spike TV and Fuel TV will receive copies of the show prior to the Access Tucson play date for show producers to review.

The executive producer of the show Brad Phipps says, "It is important to me that before it goes to Spike T.V. that it be played on Access Tucson first for a couple reasons, one it's about this part of the State. Most of our Guests and sponsors for this episode will be from right here in Tucson . Second and more importantly, it is how we can maybe turn some heads in the direction of Access Tucson and keep pushing the issue into the light until a reasonable solution is reached. A wise person once said, "All you can do, is all you can do, But all you can do is enough". The question most of us must ask ourselves is, are we doing all we can do?"

The following people and businesses are helping to bring everything together; Access Tucson, IFASA, APR Video, Vader Video, Johnny Rays Tattoo, Pit Ball records, Bellezza models Inc., SMS Productions, Rob Booker, Brad Phipps, Theresa Phipps, Shawn Phipps, Andy Hohl, Alex Libeskind, George Castro, Ashley Ver Halen, Rhonda Moretti,          


A Personal Reality Video Productions is a home based video production company in business since 2006.

Run by Brad & Theresa Phipps they have been providing the Tucson area with quality wedding, event, and music video services. Brad has been an Access Tucson member since 1995.


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