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Tucson: A Meetup Group for Actors - additional info


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My apologies for not being more clear.  Several people have had trouble figuring out just where this group is: so here is the link to  


I am running the group through because it makes scheduling a breeze, and because the terms of service cover certain legal and liability issues.


I am downright giddy about the creativity, enthusiasm and diversity of everyone. So much talent in this town! I look forward to getting to know more of you, better.








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Dawn McMillan-Austin here, your friendly Los Angeles transplant. I began my professional acting career in the eighties, and if there's one thing I know for sure, it's that actors need to keep their tools sharp and ready.  With that in mind, I've started a meetup group at designed around the idea that like dancers, singers or athletes, actors need a creative workout. Sometimes, you just need a place and time to *do* what you know how to do.  Based on my own experience and the work of Viola Spolin, Don Richardson, Stephen Book, Michael Chekhov and others, I conceive of prACTice as an opportunity to add tools to your repertoire, practice improv and text, workout your voice, and tune your mind and body to deliver the artistry that you design.


What prACTice is not is me telling you how to act, or giving critiques. It is me giving you an opportunity to play and to try stuff out. It is also not an in-depth scene-study or script analysis session, but should enhance the work you're already doing in class or in the world.


Okay, the practical stuff:  because it is summer, and we all are traveling and busy and such, the prACTice meetups are going to be a little catch as catch-can. Join us, we'll set some stuff up, and get a regular schedule going in the fall.


Love & Light,

Dawn E. Mc-A

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Dawn E. Mc-A

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