Monday, December 22, 2014

Arts and culture needs your support in 2015



We can't do our job without you


We take pride in being the voice of arts and culture in Arizona. It's our job to:

  • Speak up at the State Legislature, at local city halls and in Arizona school districts for the funding support that insures the arts, culture and arts education is available to every citizen and every Arizona student.   
  • Work with business, community and education leaders to constantly promote the powerful impact of arts and culture in every corner of our state.

But we can't do it alone. That's why our grassroots networks play such a big part in our work.

We depend not only on your advocacy, but on your financial support - to pay for our outreach efforts, our communications and our lobbying efforts on behalf of arts and culture organizations people like you.

So we must tell you - 2015 is shaping up to be an extremely critical year for arts and culture in Arizona. Here's why.

  • A new state budget crisis means we must be extraordinarily vigilant in working to secure funding in the state budget for the Arizona Commission on the Arts.
  • We must educate a newly-elected governor about the importance of public support for arts and culture in Arizona, as well as the 30 percent of the state legislators who also were newly elected in November.
  • We're also launching a brand new initiative to address the fact that almost a third of our Arizona students lack quality arts education in our K-12 schools.

And, we continue to work with business and community leaders to insure that arts and culture gets its rightful credit for the contributions it makes to local community vitality, tourism, business attraction and job growth.  

That's why we're asking you to make a special financial investment in Arizona Citizens for the Arts before December 31. 

 A generous, tax-deductible gift to support Arizona Citizens

for the Arts now will do so much to put us on a path to a productive year in 2015. We can do this, if you will please donate today.

Thank you for your help, and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.






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