Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Help underprivileged children see great theatre!


Happy Holidays to you and family!

Puppets Amongus is hitting Off-Broadway with a spectacular rendition of The Little Prince! We're collaborating with Manhattan's visionary theatre company, Hang A Tale, for an imaginative production at The Pearl Theatre on 42nd St. The show opens on Feb. 23rd and we need your help!

Your tax deductible donation ensures we can afford performers, props, costumes, scenery, lighting, rehearsal space and more.


A Matching Grant!

We have an amazing opportunity to share with you.

Because of the generosity of a wonderful, anonymous donor, we have a $15,000 matching grant challenge happening right now.

If we raise $15,000 by January 1st, that money will be doubled!

We are now two thirds of the way there, and with your support we believe we can meet our goal! We have just $4,500 left to meet this challenge, but we must raise the funds by NEW YEAR'S DAY! We only have 9 days to go, so if you're considering a donation, now is an excellent time to do it, because your money will do twice the good.
This holiday season, give the gift of theatre to under-served kids!

Puppets Amongus and Hang a Tale are making it a priority to bring The Little Prince to underprivileged and disabled children who rarely, if ever, get to sit in a theatre. $10,000 of all that we raise will support ticket costs for 500 students to see the play, who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity. Donate and help make this dream a reality!
A Big Step for Puppets Amongus

We are thrilled to collaborate with Hang a Tale and expand our horizons to the world of contemporary theatre in New York. We hope to bring The Little Prince to Tucson, our home town, along with a renewed sense of artistic innovation. Stay tuned, and please make a donation, to help boost this exciting new theatrical adventure. We appreciate it!


Spread the word!

Any amount you can donate makes a big difference for us, but there's also another way you can help! Tell your friends about us. Tell your acquaintances about us. Stop strangers on the street and tell them about us. (Everyone loves The Little Prince, right?) Please forward this email!

Thanks for supporting contemporary puppet theatre!

To learn more about Puppets Amongus, call Matt Cotten at:
(520) 444- 5538 or visit:

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