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Tucson High Magnet School Performing Arts presents A Flea In Her Ear


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Tucson High Magnet School Performing Arts presents

Tucson High Little Theatre

SW Corner of Euclid and 5th St


A Flea In Her Ear

A new version of Georges Feydeau’s farce by David Ives


Directed by Art Almquist

April 25, 25, May 1, 2, 8 @7pm May 2 matinee @2pm

$10 general admission



FARCE (n) -  a comedy with broad characterizations,  abundant physical and visual humor, and an

improbable plot.  Slamming doors, mistaken identities, and a fast pace are all hallmarks.


Set in 1900 Paris, A FLEA IN HER EAR is the greatest of all French farces and will have you laughing from beginning to end!  The plot:  Raymonde Chandebise suspects that her husband Victor, a proper insurance executive, is secretly having an affair. To find out, she and her friend Lucienne write him an anonymous love letter suggesting a rendezvous at the shady Frisky Puss Hotel. Thinking the letter was intended for his coworker, the ladies’ man Tournel, Victor sends Tournel off to make the rendezvous in his place. Lucienne's hot-blooded and jealous Spanish husband, meanwhile, finds the letter, recognizes his wife's handwriting, and, believing she is cheating on him, takes his pistols to the Frisky Puss to catch her in the act. Meanwhile, Victor's nephew Camille tries to warn everyone about the mix-up, but his ridiculous speech impediment prevents anyone from understanding him. In Act Two, all decamp to the Frisky Puss where, it turns out, the drunken bellboy Poche is the exact double of the proper Victor Chandebise. Meeting Poche and thinking she's been caught by her husband, Raymonde keeps trying to escape from the hotel with Tournel, but a revolving bed keeps flinging them from room to room, as more and more of the involved parties pile into the hotel in a climax culminating in the storming of the Frisky Puss by  the jealous Spaniard and his pistols. In Act Three the vortex spins even faster and chaos reigns supreme as all the parties return to the Chandebise home utterly confused and desperate to piece together what actually happened and who was who at the Frisky Puss!  Your sides are guaranteed to ache from laughter long after the final curtain of A FLEA IN HER EAR, perhaps the greatest and most clever farce ever conceived.

“A hilarious evening of classic comedy.”  -  Chicago Critic



Reservations strongly recommended!  

Call 225-5326 

or email



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