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TIM Comedy Theater: Funny on 4th: Hip Hop Debut


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Hip Hop Improv Debuts at TIM!

Ever wonder what would happen if hip hop rapping and improv comedy got married?  The answer is "Third Beats" the Tucson Improv Movement's newest comedy show! Our improvisors will create a show based off one audience suggestion and supplement the scenes with beat boxing and free style rapping.

You won't want to miss the debut of this first of its kind show in the Old Pueblo! Featuring the chillest cast of all star improvisers: Tymon Khamsi, Cassie Jenks, Cory Jenks, Ken Jones, Dan Kellish, Justin Lukasewicz, Sarandon Reid, and Jeremy Shockley.

Come out for the coolest night of comedy this summer at TIM!



This Week's Show Schedule

Friday Night
7 PM - TIM Super Show (featuring Choice Cut and Improv Collective)
9 PM - The Soap Box

Saturday Night
7 PM - Improv Throwdown
9 PM - 3rd Beats Hip Hop Improv




Join the TIM Comedy School


We have more comedy classes then you could dream of starting this summer! The week's highlight is Improv 301 with Jessica Peck starting June 18th. Learn Game of the scene and patterns, which unlock the keys to comedy! Register Here 

Jessica has been studying and performing improv since the beginning of 2013.  She currently plays on TIM house teams The Soapbox and The Riveters.  In addition to teaching and performing, Jessica coaches The Riveters and manages The Best Show Period and helps run the monthly FEMPROV workshops.

Jessica's improv philosophy is that really good comedy should be smart, grounded, sometimes goofy but ALWAYS fun!  Trying to engrain improv strategy/skills as a natural part of your scene work will allow you to get out of your head and truly experience what's happening on stage. Jessica's teaching and coaching style emphasizes finding confidence on stage which allows you to truly follow the fun in a scene. 



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