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Date Change: Auditions – The Drunkard @ The Community Playhouse

Audition date changed to July 1…


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Auditions – The Drunkard


A Melodrama drama by William Jarvis and Adapted and Directed by Sheldon Metz  - 

Play Dates:     August 11, 12 - 18, 19 - 25, 26 at 7:30 p.m.

                        August 13, 20, 27 at 2:00 p.m.


Audition Dates: Saturday, July 1, 10 am to 2:00 p.m. 

Location: The Community Playhouse, 1881 N. Oracle Rd. 85705


The Drunkard: or, The Fallen Saved, is a famous old-fashioned melodrama, a temperance play, originally written by W. H. S. Smith, and first performed in 1844. It is the true story of triumph over adversity, it is the age-old plot where the human spirit wins out against insurmountable odds. THIS IS NOT THAT. This is a funny piece and will allow actors to interact with the audience. SHOULD HAVE SOME ABILITY IN IMPROVISATION. 



The play takes place in London, 1844-1850. Most people play multiple roles.  play multiple roles. English accents are desired (or the best you can), with most actors using various accents ranging from working class to King's English. READINGS ARE COLD, FROM THE SCRIPT. DO NOT PREPARE A MONOLOGUE.  


The Cast – Major roles



* SALLY WILSON                  - The Ingenue/ blonde/sweet/ innocent/Pure as the snow 

LAWYER CRIBBS      - The iconic, "Curses, foiled again," Villain's Villain; horrible man/sneers/growls/ humphs. 

*TOBY & "HONEST WILLIAM" DOWTON - Edward's loving step-brother; happy- go- lucky/gregarious  (TOBY is the greeter as people enter and the one at the exit as people leave. He is sort of a ":host" for the evening)     


   ARDEN. RENCELAW/ OLD JOHNSON.A Farmer / A Philanthropist

* MISS SPINDLE                   - A conniving and ambitious wealthy woman            

* FARMER GATES                - A Farmer

* FARMER STEVENS/MESSENGER  - A Farmer; A Messenger                              -

SAM../ BOY..                          - A Young Man  16 to 18


MRS. WILSON                        - SALLY's Mother

* PATIENCE                          - SAM's girlfriend 16 to 18

JULIA….                                 - Sally's Child- 13 years old


Names with stars will sing but only Edward, Sally and William and Agnes should have decent voices. This is not AIDA. 

All auditions are open – all roles available. NO APPOINTMENTS. No private auditions. You will have every opportunity to show your talents. We are planning a small Stipend but, it is not guaranteed. 


DO NOT CALL THE THEATRE. Call the Director for answers to your questions. (310) 367-5640 OR 520-722-9553



Sheldon Metz

Director and "Go To Guy"

Co-Founder/Artistic Director Tucson Alliance of Dramatic Artists 

Co-Founder/ Secretary -Alliance Performance Center of Tucson 

Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal...or is it?"



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