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TIM Comedy Theater: The Soap Box welcomes David Fitzsimmons


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TIM Comedy Theater


The Soap Box welcomes David Fitzsimmons

The Soap Box is proud to welcome three time Soap Box monologist David Fitzsimmons.  Fitz is 61 and should know better. He's been a cartoonist way too long, starting at the Star when pterodactyls flew over "A" Mountain. He was a Pulitzer finalist back when it mattered. He writes a weekly column that can make rocks cry and lizards laugh.

Our flagship show features five personal stories from Fitz to inspire Tucson's premier improv comedy from The Soapbox.  See you Friday night at 9 PM!

Enjoy this sweet cartoon drawn by Fitz at his first Soap Box show during our inaugural weekend on 4th Ave.






This Week's Show Schedule

Friday Night
7:30 PM -  Improv 201 Student Showcase + The Openers
9 PM - The Soap Box w/ David Fitzsimmons

Saturday Night
7:30 PM - Improv Throwdown
9 PM - The Movie







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The next Improv 101 class will start Monday, August 14th with our most popular instructor, Jessica Hill.  Her positive energy produces the perfect environment to learn the basics of improvisation comedy!  Let us help you be more creative, spontaneous and playful while you have fun and make new friends.  Join the Movement, and register today, our last two Improv 101 classes sold out!

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The Soap Box is TIM's flagship show, Friday nights at 9 PM!




Two teams battle for your laughs and the coveted "street cred" Saturday at 7 PM!


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