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Produced by Padderick Productions, Tucson, Arizona

Produced and Directed by Alan Williams and Patrick James Carson - Writer (His screenplay and play "Elevator" became the theatrically released major motion picture, "9/11" – now on Netflix, Amazon, etc.)


Synopsis:   A woman tries to survive a terrorist attack while recalling forgotten childhood trauma.


Story: "Perpetuity" takes place as a terrorist attack traps and perhaps mortally injures a woman in an ever-collapsing room. The film's parallel plot equally deals with repressed memories that only in this insane setting start emerging. While the woman tries to survive her circumstances, she slowly, and painfully, recalls the trauma of her childhood abuse and how it has affected her adult life. The movie shows how even in the most horrible of circumstances, something healing can result.




An eminently timely motion picture in this time of "Me Too," the female lead in this film is in every shot of the film.  Solo lead.  No blatant nudity or even strong language though involve intense psychological themes dealing with recalled lost memories of child abuse.  SUPERP actresses only.   Must be photogenic, and physically fit as the role requires stamina.  Actor must be able to look worn down while still conveying a sense of grace.  Expressive range all over the map from childlike innocence to massive emotional breakdowns to hard to read—subtle--expressions (blankness).  Must be able to convey a message without words and through her eyes. Must have a clear and highly expressive speaking voice. 


Actress must be able to carry the whole project single handed.  This is an extremely rare opportunity. It is not hyperbole to suggest this a true one of kind role.


We're casting for someone outstanding.  Please respond only if you think you have the chops. 


The first round of auditioning is online submissions.  Send resume, headshot, and video. Can be self-made. New talent is fine if you really think you're talented.  Not interested in seeing commercials or corporate videos or high comedy.  Looking only for dramatic works.  If you make a self-made video, choose an appropriate scene. Keep videos short.  Leave us wanting more, not wanting to shut it off.


Submit to:  First round submissions accepted through October 15th


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