Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Tucson Fringe Festival line-up announced


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Our line-up has been announced... 26 performing groups from Arizona, New York, Minnesota, California, Utah, Virginia, and Illinois.
Our website has show info and ticket sales up and running!





Accessibility and Sustainability

We're  implementing two programs that get to the heart of Tucson Fringe's mission. The first program is to include ASL interpreters at at least one day of programming of the festival. The second is subsidizing  non-fossil-fuel public transportation (SunLink, TuGo Bikes, and Bird Scooters) for our performers the weekend of the festival. If you're interested in supporting these important programs, check out our fully customizable sponsorship programs.

Volunteer with Fringe

Every year we add a few more people to the Fringe family through our Volunteer Usher program. Ushers check tickets, hand out programs, and get a free ticket to any other show in the festival for each shift worked. Check out our Volunteer Usher sign up.

Become a VIP
We work hard to provide free housing for our out-of-town performers. Performer hosts provide a bed (or a futon, or a couch) for one or two of our performers in exchange for a VIP pass good for free admission to all festival shows. Email us if you're interested in this unique behind-the-scenes Fringe experience.

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