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Tucson: Casting Call more info "Dark West" film


Sent: Sunday, November 27, 2005 2:04 PM
Subject: Dark West

Dark West a Jackie Lee James & Michael Peterson Film
Open call Thursday December 1st 2005. 10 am- 2pm
3961 E Speedway Blvd Suite #412
Males: ages 20- 60
Females: ages 25-35
Casting for ALL ethnicities.
Casting for Asians from 20 to 60 years of age.
Headshot and resume required.
Sides available at audition
Please contact Calvin @ 977-3740 or with any



Gypsy Woman
Tattoo Man

-(Dark Riders)
Wes Roberts
John Custer#4
Doug Samuels#2
Ben Samuels#3

-(Freak Show)

Fire blowers

-(Sheriff & Deputies)
Sheriff Emit Collins
First deputy Virgil
Deputy Jimmy
Deputy Tye
Deputy Buck (stunt fall)

Twenty extras for freak show opening

Character Breakdown

*The Stranger

Actor: Open

The Stranger is a man that has been beaten near to death. In the
process of
being brutally beaten, he has lost his memory. He sets out on a road
physical recovery and begins to regain some of his memory. As he
what has happened to him, and who did this brutality to him and his
he goes on a journey of mad rage and revenge.

*Gypsy Woman

Actor: Open

Gypsy Woman 23-40 years of age, an Italian immigrant who is a single
and has used her psychic gift to portray a fortuneteller for a
freak show. She is a very strong independent woman who lives for her
son and
will do anything to protect him and provide for him.


Actor: Open

Wes is a 30-40 man who leads a group of gun for hires known as the
Riders. He carries himself as someone much older. He is rough and
looking. He is very professional and very good at what he does. He
is not
someone that anyone would choose to be friend.


Actor: Open

Sheriff Emit Collins is a tall, good looking 30-40 year old man who
pride in keeping the peace. He is a well-respected community member.
He has
a fun sense of sarcasm to him. He is not the greatest gunslinger,
but gets
the job done at whatever cost.


Actor: Open

Yin is a very old Asian immigrant. Yin began the Freak Show to make
a means
to an end. Just from looking at Yin, you may feel uneasy because of
his long
nails. However, those who know him feel close to him and know he
wise, and can be trusted.


Actor: Open

Younger version of Yin

*Tattoo Man

Actor: Open

The Tattoo Man is a very large (muscle) man. His body, including his
is covered in tattoos. He is a New Zealander who traveled to here in
of land of which to purchase and make a home. Because of his
appearance, he
is the type of guy that would not be accepted anywhere but the Freak
He is not only a performer, but also is Yin’s right-hand man. He has
strong romantic feelings for the Gypsy Woman that are obvious to
everyone in
the Freak Show, but he has never pursued her.

*John (Dark Rider)

Actor: Open

John Custer is in his mid-thirties. He is a small build, but very
quick with
his gun. He stands as Wes’s right-hand man for the band of hired
known as the Dark Riders.

*Doug (Dark Rider)

Actor: Open

Doug Samuels is in his young twenties. He and his brother, Ben, have
riding with the Dark Riders for close to five years. He, like his
is in it for the thrill more so than the money.

*Ben (Dark Rider)

Actor: Open

Ben Samuels is the younger brother to Doug who also rides with Dark
Though he is the youngest of the pack, he is no less ruthless than
the rest.
He is thin but tall. He has a very humble presence to his domineer.

*Virgil (backup Deputy 1)

Actor: Open

Virgil is in his early sixties. A good spirited rugged man who
believes in
God, the Law and Family. He is a volunteer town deputy.

*Jimmy, Tye and Buck (Backup Deputy’s)

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