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Tucson: Feature Film Casting Call for "Heathen Stevens"


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Subject: (talent gigs) Casting Call for "Heathen Stevens" (Tucson, AZ)


Casting for feature film, "Heathen Stevens." Director will hopefully submit in time for this year's Sundance Film Festival. Production will hopefully take place between the first and second week in August, in Tucson, Arizona. All positions are NON-PAID, however, a copy of the completed DVD will be provided. "Heathen Stevens" is a character drama hence actors with acting experience are preferred. Actors without acting experience will still be considered. All decisions will be based on auditions, interest and commitment.

Logline: A Christian fundamentalist family agrees to participate on a reality television show that gives them thirty days to attempt to convert an Atheist, a Jew, and a Buddhist, into Born Again Christians.

Actors with idiosyncratic looks are especially encouraged for the roles of the "Stevens." However all individuals will be considered. The following roles are available.

Major roles:

Bernardo the Buddhist (Steven #1) - Hispanic, Male, early 20's. Character tends to have an innocent and curious nature, nonchalant in conversation. Must have some sort of presence. Opposite character of Steven #2, #3.

Adam the Atheist (Steven #2)- Caucasian, Male, early 20's. A rebel with out a cause, kind of character. Roguish personality. Anti-heroish demeanor (think Nicholson in Cuckoo's Nest). Twinkle in the eye.

Jeff the Jew (Steven #3)- Caucasian, Male, early 20's. Compliment to Adam the Atheist. Sarcastic, pessimistic, realistic, character especially enjoys questioning and correcting people.

Jedediah the Christian- Caucasian or African American, Male, 40's. Must have presence, but especially strong voice. Distinct regional accent (type unsure) preferred however, will make exceptions to distinct and powerful voice. Despite voice, an introverted character.

Martha the Christian- Caucasian or African American, Female, 40's. Compliment to Jedediah (wife). More extroverted character, with also a distinct voice.

James the Chrisian- Caucasian or African American, Male, 18-23. Son of Jedediah, Martha. Extremely introverted character. Often melancholy.

Old Producer, Male, 40's, Young Producer- Male, 30's- Ethnicity or age extremely variable. Will be cast based on chemistry with one another. Regardless think Hollywood. Suits.

Minor roles:

Host: Male or Female, type of individual that could be seen on television hosting a show (for the script it's the season finale).

If interested for an audition or more information, please e-mail an inquiry with resume (experience: informal or formal) headshot or some sort of picture (if available). Thank you for your time.

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