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Tucson: Audition Technique class

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Subject: Audition Technique class

Acting I and Audition Technique I – starts March 19th!


This is the foundation course for learning the important building blocks to great performance.  You'll learn how to break down the script, how to analyze the character, how to play him/her, and most importantly how to mark the script in order to give a really great audition.  Throughout the course, you'll have two or three auditions, and you'll be given lots of information and insightful advice about how to handle the important few minutes before each audition.  This course is not just about auditioning - it's also a great acting class.


6 weeks, $45/week as you come.  Or you can take the course in private sessions at $65 per 1½-hour session, or $50 per 1-hour session.


Don't worry if you have to miss one or even two classes during the series of six - We can easily book a make-up session outside of the evening class - The make-up would be a private session Monday through Saturday at 11:30, 12:00, or 12:30 for $65.

Call Anna at 881-2363 for details or to sign up.

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