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Tucson: Creative workshops for the mind-body-spirit connection

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Last week's class was a spirited gem... a generous expansion of body memory!

Check out this week's class- every class is unique!

If you are interested, but can not attend the Sunday workshops, please let
me know-
I am considering to add a class on a weeknight.

ALL levels of experience welcome - from beginner movers to
well-seasoned shakers!

SUNDAYS, 11am-1pm
Rhythm Industry Performance Factory
1013 S. Tyndall Avenue
(1 block W. of Park Ave, just S. of 20th Street)
$10-15 Sliding Scale

Guided facilitation of creative improvisational dance/theatre
exercises, meditations, and games to enhance the symbiotic relationship
of the mind-body-spirit connection.

BUTOH ("dance of darkness" a.k.a. "zen dancing") is a contemporary
Japanese dance form that materialized in response to WWII and cultural
traditions such as Kabuki Theatre. Butoh is connected to nature and
the human condition, transformation and metamorphosis - "being" rather
than "expressing", explored in a wide spectrum from the grotesque to
the ecstatic.

VIEWPOINTS is a dance/theatre practice experienced through structured
yet highly improvisational movement of both group and individualized
kinethetic explorations. Sensing, listening, witnessing, and playing
are part of developing group synergy and trust to intuitively and
spontaneously move through space and time. While generating
theatrical gems, it also develops flexibility, articulation, creativity
& strength in movement.

See you soon!

Love and Light,

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