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Tucson: de Anza Players present C.P. Taylor's "And a Nightingale Sang"


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Tickets are on sale at the Community Performing Arts Center at 1250 W. Continental, 399-1750 or www.performingartscenter.org.


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GREEN VALLEY, Arizona (July 16, 2009)- Prepare yourself for a night filled with music, comedy-drama, and air raid sirens when you come to see the de Anza Players perform C.P. Taylor’s And a Nightingale Sang on August 7, 8, 12, 14, 15, 2009, at 7:00 pm at the Community Performing Arts Center, 1250 W. Continental Road, Green Valley, Arizona.


This humorous play set in 1940’s England during World War II will have you smiling as the Stott family deals with the adult issues that a war foists upon them.  With this play, Taylor crafted a tale of a truly dysfunctional English family. Helen Stott, a girl with “one leg shorter than the other,” deals with a sister, Joyce, who cannot make up her mind if she loves the man she eventually marries, Eric, who is going off to war; a mother, Peggy, obsessed with the church and her religion; a father, George, who tries to escape from the realities of his life through his music; a grandfather, Andie, who desperately attempts to exert his independence at the expense of the rest of the family; and a boyfriend, Norman, who tends to be wishy-washy with her.


Tickets can be purchased at the Community Performing Arts Center in Green Valley,(520) 399-1750; the Green Valley/Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce,(520) 625-7575; Alexander’s on Morley Ave. in Nogales, (520) 287-5103; Nonna Vivi’s Pizzeria in the Rio Rico Plaza, (520) 313-0071; Adult tickets are $18 at the door, $15 in advance; senior tickets are $15 at the door, $12 in advance; student tickets are $12 at the door, $9 in advance. 


Timothy A. Bremser directs an ensemble cast for this play. And a Nightingale Sang will be Bremser’s seventeenth production. He has been involved with theater for thirty four years in Nogales, Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Dallas, Texas.


Shannon Harral plays the lead role of Helen Stott, a young woman with a limp who finds the meaning of true love and grows to accept herself during the trials and tribulations of WWII. Harral has been acting for five years. She has been in Snow Angel, Murder by the Book, Lizzie Borden of Fall River, The Other, Other Woman, Once Upon a Teen, and  Annie to mention a few. Harral is currently a Sophomore at Pima Community College. She plans on transferring to NAU to major in visual and performing arts.

Gerry Gonzales undertakes the part of Norman, Helen’s love interest with a few surprises. Gonzales has been in eight plays: Murder by the Book, Anne Frank and Me, Lizzie Borden of Fall River, Once Upon a Teen, Harvey, and Twelve Angry Jurors are but a few. He has been acting for four years and plans on attending NAU to study cinematography and theater.


Liz Raybould, an actress from Green Valley, and Mark Peterson, a teacer at Nogales High School, play Helen’s Mum and Dad.  Raybould has fifteen years of acting experience with the Shoestring Players, American Legionairre Players, Amado Mystery Theater, and the Little Theater of Green Valley. Peterson has been involved with the Nogales High School Maroon Masque in various capacities for the last two years. He has been involved in almost all aspects of theater since a young age. Before becoming a teacher, Peterson enjoyed a stint as a standup comedian.


Czarina Nafarrate and Robert Zubieta play Helen’s sister and brother-in-law respectively. Nafarrate has three years of acting experience. She has been in Anne Frank and Me; Godspell; Once Upon a Teen; The Other, Other Woman; Annie, Twelve Angry Jurors; and Harvey. Zubieta has been acting for two years. He has been in Annie, Twelve Angry Jurors, and Harvey.


L.A. Ruby plays Helen’s Granddad, Andie. She is originally from Michigan. This play marks Ruby’s debut in community theater.


The de Anza Players plan on producing Ed Monk’s A Christmas Carol in December of 2009 and Exhibit This!- The Museum Comedies by Luigi Jannuzzi in the spring of 2010. The de Anza players, stationed in Green Valley at the Performing Arts Center, are proud to join the other professional theater troupes of Southern Arizona.



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