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Tucson: Improvisation at The Rogue Theatre with The Charles Darwin Experience


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July 31, 2009


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The Rogue Theatre teams up with
The Charles Darwin Experience for an afternoon of improvisation.


In celebration of all the supporters who have helped The Rogue renovate a new theatre, The Rogue Theatre is joining with UA's The Charles Darwin Experience to present an afternoon of long-form improvisation on Sunday August 16, 2009 at 4:00 p.m.

More story-oriented than short-form, or comedy improv, the long-form allows the actors to spin out a spontaneous story and explore character and situation in greater depth.  Long-form improvisations typically play out for a half-hour or more. There will, of course, be plenty of laughs and a few quick games thrown in, molded by audience suggestions and participation, for a variety of improvisation experiences. This event promises an afternoon that is fast, funny and fascinating.

"The idea for an afternoon of improv grew out of our association with John Shartzer, who is a delightful young man and has acted in many of the Rogue plays," says Rogue Associate Artistic Director, Cynthia Meier.  "John is a member of the long-lived UA Charles Darwin improv troupe.  Joe McGrath and I went to see one of their performances last year and laughed and laughed.  Afterwards, we wondered if we could create some kind of collaboration that combined our ensemble's acting skills with the incredible wit of the Darwinites.  John liked the idea, too, and here we are!  The rehearsals have been a lot of fun, and we wanted to share some of the fun with our Rogue renovation donors."

An Afternoon of Unnatural Selection is a free event for donors to The Rogue Theatre renovation - and it is easy to be a Rogue donor!  Audience members who have not formally donated will be given the chance to give any amount at the event.  The afternoon will take place at the new Rogue Theatre at 300 East University between 4th & 5th Avenues.  Free parking is available in a lot on Herbert Alley just east of the theatre.  Reservations are not required but are encouraged by e-mailing


The Rogue Theatre's mission is to create the highest quality theatre possible,
challenging, stretching, and invigorating our community.

We emphasize

LANGUAGE by placing primary value on quality language and literature;
ENSEMBLE by developing performers who seek continuous improvement and creating an academy for training ourselves and emerging theatre artists;
CHALLENGING IDEAS by presenting plays which offer complex and provocative points of view
related to important social, political, and personal issues.

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