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Tucson: JEWTOPIA Triumphant return - TWO SHOWS ONLY!



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THE HIT STAGE COMEDY "JEWTOPIA" returns for two more shows!


The smash hit comedy JEWTOPIA returns to Tucson for two more shows only, Saturday November 14th and Sunday November 15th on the Main Stage of the Historic Temple of Music and Art, 330 South Scott Ave.  This comedy was the longest running comedy in Los Angeles theater history at three years running, as well as a very popular 2-plus year run in New York City. JEWOPIA comes to Tucson with the help of The Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona and Dr. Jennifer Schneider. Featuring Tucson favorites Jacob Brown, Jay C. Cotner, Janet Henderson, Catherine Killough, Robert Kovitz, Steve McKee, and Jaimie Pruden, directed by Annette Hillman.


All 13 Tucson summer performances were sold-out, breaking all box-office records.


Here is what Tucson press had to say:

 "What this show, conceived by nice Jewish boys, mocks is not Jews or the supposed Jewish "character," but certain Jewish-American cultural habits that are, frankly funny.  Jewtopia is a play for Jews who enjoy laughing at Jewish stereotypes , and for their knowing Gentile friends.  It is very funny." 

James Reel - Tucson Weekly Review 7/02/09


"Funny?  Definitely. The packed audience on opening night laughed - make that roared - This play is a departure for Arizona Onstage Productions, which usually presents dark musicals.  And it does just as well with this as with those musicals.  No musical has the laughs this play does."

Kathy Allen - Arizona Daily Star Review 6/26/09


For more information and/or ticket purchase – go to www.arizonaonstage.org  - There is a 24/7 toll free line with no service charge!  For any local questions please call 882.6574.

General: $27.50

Senior/Student/Teacher $25

Group (10 plus) $22.50
And the national reviews agree!

"Two hours of comedy! After a quarter century of Neil Simon and his imitators, the playwrights redeem the formula with edge! Displaying a commercial sensibility that is almost obscene, they combine the swaggering generation y (for yahweh) sensibility with the more traditional borscht belt approach, nailing two demographics at once! The result is irresistible - like watching precocious kids mouth off to their parents! The script throws every ingredient on hand into the comedic chicken soup...you may eat till you plotz!" Time Out New York


"Jewtopia is a hilarious take on interfaith relationships that leaves no stereotypical stone unturned...Twisted fun...True to life." Wall Street Journal, Zagat Theatre Survey


"Comedy 'Jewtopia' proves to be hilarious." Miami Herald


"Crazy! Hilarious! A laugh riot! This show is adorable! Go and laugh! This is a funny show that leaves the audience in a mirthful state. A fresh take on an old theme, played for a new generation. Squarely addresses every ethnic stereotype! What the legendary Nunsense did for Catholics, Jewtopia may well do for the Jews… The Journal News


"Hilarious...very funny, detailing every specific Jewish foible ...judging by the steady stream of belly laughs from a clearly tickled audience." The New York Post


"Raucous! Madcap! True to life! A plot steeped in non-stop Jewish cultural stereotypes that in nuance, specificity and outrageousness, deserves to take center stage!" Variety


"Such a premise! This show has edgy, late-night attitude. Jewtopia is a show that appeals to all ages - what's not to like?" Newsday


"It's about dating. It's about family. There's something for everyone. You don't have to be Jewish to love this show." Xm Satellite Radio


"Hilarious! Absolutely priceless! Jewtopia is a comedy for our times! Inspired! Very funny! Fast and furious! The familiar jokes, stereotypes and broad physical comedy had most people crying with laughter. Countless rabbis and Jewish groups have been to see the show and loved it. People nostalgic for the single life or just looking for new theater with a youthful, distinctly Jewish flavor are likely to find what they seek in Jewtopia. The two co-authors have a gift for writing funny lines. When they score, they score big!" The Jewish Week


"Not since Abby's Irish Rose have the Irish and the Jews collided with such hilarity as in Jewtopia! Mercilessly funny! Endless jokes! A cliché-embracing, equal-opportunity offending comedy! What's to do but laugh?" The Danbury News-Times


"...Hilarious satire! What satisfaction and delight there is in seeing prejudices, pre-conceived notions and all the shibboleths of stereotyping zapped with pin-point humor! I can't remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did at Jewtopia...The playwrights took a ten minute comic sketch and turned it into a three-hour fun fest...The comedy is a great early Chanukah present! All in good fun!..." The Nassau Herald


"...Delivers plenty of laughs! A jokefest! - A heck of a lot funnier that Jackie Mason! The perfect outing for singles! Jews and goyim alike will have a good time at Jewtopia. Plenty of laughs.  Mazel tov!..." Broadway.Com


"Sharply observed! Its humor hits the mark! The laughs win out!" Theatermania.Com


"...Vociferous laughter greeted every example of stereotypically Jewish behavior. The seven actors do broad comedy with gusto! Chris' choking on a prune hamantashen plays like high art comedy. You don't have to be Jewish to find Fogel and Wolfson's good-natured shenanigans funny. Guarantee that you'll find yourself laughing out loud." Curtainup.Com


"Entertaining! A light-hearted romp which takes swipes at our own tribe and manages to be quite funny! The plot has innovative twists and an unexpected ending. Fogel and Wolfson are quick, bright and imaginative!" Allaboutjewishtheatre.Com


"...Now there is something that'll knock that fiddler of his damn roof!" "Land of laughs!" These stand-up comics say their script will stand up to time. And time after time - night after night - audiences are proving them right...Each night audiences get an earful - an an oy-ful.They are the irreverent rage of rock 'n' kvell fans ...What would the rabbis say? Ask them - most likely, many are in the audience..." The Jewish Exponent

"Jewtopia" is a hilariously delicious send-up of all things Jewish, from food to circumcision . . . Jewtopia is a lot of fun and makes for an extremely entertaining evening..." The Epoch Times

JEWTOPIA has a mature subject matter with an "R" rating.  This means tickets are selling even faster! … "And God said "Let there be laughter!"


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