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Tucson: Steve Anderson's OPEN STUDIO FOR ACTORS


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Steve Anderson's Open Studio Sessions will continue through November.


 From David Greenwood's Blog:  "This past Monday night I attended  Steve Anderson's Open Acting Workshop. If there is a better teacher  within a 500 or thousand mile radius I don't believe it. If you  haven't been, go."


The Open Studio for Actors, a new actor training series under the  direction of Steve Anderson, announces Open Studio Sessions for  Actors.  The goal of the open studio is to provide a safe, creative,  and empowering atmosphere for actors who wish to explore their  potential without a major time or financial commitment.  There is no  advanced registration for the open studios; actors simply show up and  pay for each individual session.  Each open studio session will  include relaxation, kinesthetic awareness, and various exercises  designed to give the actor the tools to layer senses of stillness,  focus, place, relationship, character, impulse, and intention-driven  action.  Actors are encouraged to bring scenes or monologues to work on.  Steve Anderson  earned his MFA in Acting in 1991 and has been teaching and directing  ever since.  He has worked with actors from the beginner to the  Broadway pro and is consistently regarded as a gifted acting teacher.   For testimonials and more detailed information, please visit


WHAT:  Open Studio Sessions for Actors


WHEN:  Every Monday evening in November from 6:30-9 p.m.  Please 

arrive early, if possible.


WHERE:  ArtFare.  55 N. 6th Avenue, Tucson – 3rd floor


FEE/REGISTRATION:   $10.00.  No advanced payment or registration 

required.  Simply pay at the door.  Credit cards are not accepted.


WHAT TO BRING:  Bottled water, towel, scenes and/or monologues to work on.


QUESTIONS:  Contact Steve through or call 

him at 520.981.0145.




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