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Casting call for Stick in My Craw


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Subject: Casting for Stick in My Craw


Stick in My Craw is a short narrative comedy about cliches.  Not simple cliches, but the notorious compound cliches.


A simple cliche (such as, she hit the nail on the head) is nothing more than a tired, overused phase that shows that the author lacks imagination, energy and interest.  


A compound cliche (such as, she is a stick in my craw) is not just a tired, overused phrase that shows that the author lacks imagination, energy and interest, but it is a tired, overused phase with a generally incomprehensible antecedent.  Generally both the author and the audience know that "she is a stick in my craw" means she is an annoyance -- but most often, neither the author nor the audience know what a stick in one's craw actually is.  What is a my craw?  Where is my craw?  And why is it that I might happen to have a stick in there?


While most poor writers (and most remedial readers) who have done nothing more than attempted to hang a picture, understand the nail on the head concept -- how many  of our contemporaries have butchered enough pigs to understand what it means to live high on the hog?   How many of our friends have fed enough horses to understand what it means for a girl to be feeling her oats?  And I doubt that many of our most experience business colleagues have ever bought a pig in a poke (or otherwise) -- in the twenty-first century mercantile pig exchange having become a lost art.


Without any experience in animal husbandry -- does it really make sense to refer to the bravery of a lion, the cowardice of a chicken or the stubbornness of a mule?


Using simple cliches is wrong.  Using compound cliches makes you a bad person. Simple cliches are misdemeanors.  Compound cliches are felonies. 


We will be shooting Stick in My Craw on Saturday, April 27, 2015.  We are seeking 20 actors of all ages, shapes, sizes, and experience levels -- each of whom will present one compound cliche (with an appropriate level of derision and condemnation).  In an effort to minimize actor waiting, we will lovingly schedule an array of actor call times starting in the early afternoon and continuing through late evening.  We can work with most schedules that have some time available on Saturday.  


If you want in, send an e-mail saying you want in to Chris Raboin at  Attach a headshot and resume if you have em -- or a selflie and short description of your major demographics -- if you don't.


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