Thursday, March 26, 2015

Safos presents DANCING THE MURAL

DANCING THE MURAL March 27+28th 7pm at
the House of Neighborly Service in South Tucson!


Dancing the Mural a site specific dance theatre performance and is the unveiling of

Safos community mural entitled

"Color the Mural"

that approximately 300 community members from the South Tucson area voted on and painted over the course of two years (2013-2015).




All the dances were inspired by the community mural,

which reflects the 67+ year history of the

House of Neighborly Service in South Tucson.

"Dancing the Mural" will feature 7 dances and performers from Tucson and California, including:

Yvonne Montoya (Choreographer/Dancer, Tucson), Grace Rhyne (Choreographer/Dancer, Tucson), Carla Turco (Actress, Tucson), Jordane Lafitte (Composer/Pianist, Sacramento), Armando Castellano (Musician-French Horn, San Jose), Luis Escareño (Composer, San Francisco), Diego Campos (Choreographer/Dancer, Sacramento), Hugo Diaz (Choreographer/Dancer, Los Angeles), and Andrew Palomares (Dancer, Los Angeles). The show will feature community members (both youth and senior citizens) who will take the stage with professional performers.


House of Neighborly Service (243 w. 33rd st. South Tucson)

For more info: 520.481.1656



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