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Additional Casting Call, film “The Fractured”


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Sent: Monday, August 3, 2015 3:11 PM
Subject: Another request for casting call notices


Casting Call - Seeking 1 females & 7 males.


Audition Date:           Saturday, Aug 8, 2015

Location:                                Art Institute, 5099 E. Grant Rd, lobby

Time:                                      9 am – 3 pm (by appointment only)   

Protocol:                                 Sides provided upon receipt of headshot (e-mail)



"The Fractured"                                                      


Plot Summary:  College student Evan returns home after being away on the east coast for school and reunites with his old friends. Unbeknownst to them, a series of deaths are being investigaged by a pair of private detectives that could involve someone close to Evan himself. 


Daniel Jones - Male in his mid to late 30s. Daniel is a very driven private detective that once worked as a homicide detective. He has been investigating several homicides that he believes to be the workings of a serial killer. Now with his new partner, Tommy, he feels he's closing in on the killer.

Tommy Collins - Male in his early to mid 20s. Tommy has recently started assisting Daniel as a private investigator, but doubts the validity of Daniel's convictions.

James - Male in his mid to late 20s. James has a military background and went to high school with Evan and Brian. He is outgoing and popular, albeit with a dark sense of humor. He married his long time girlfriend Sara after his last tour in the Middle East. 

Evan - Male mid 20s. After being away at college on the east coast, Evan returns home and to his old friends Brian and Lily.

Lily Collins - Female mid 20s. A psychology college student, she dates Brian and is old friends with Evan. She is a good judge of character and isn't affected by James' charm.

Brian - Male mid 20s. Old friend to Evan and boyfriend of Lily. Brian is a happy go lucky kind of guy and enjoys quality time with his friends.

Sara - Female mid 20s. Young and bright and is dating James.


Production Details:


·         Filming late August or Mid-September

·         2-3 days total for shooting (schedule is flexible)

·         No pay, SAG waivers and food/drink provided during filming.

·         Will receive IMDB credit & Copy of film for your reel





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