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Artifact Dance Project 2015/2016 Season

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Location:  Stevie Eller Dance Theatre, UA campus

Address: 1713 E. University Blvd.

Friday August 21, 7:30pm

Saturday August 22, 7:30pm

Sunday August 23, 2pm

Concert Length approx:  1 hour + 15 minute intermission

Ticket Prices: $20 general, $15 Student



Concert Description:  Artifact Dance Project will begin their season of world premieres with a unique mixed repertoire concert featuring contemporary dance and music at its best.  Co-artistic Directors, Ashley Bowman and Claire Hancock will premiere new works in addition to guest choreographers Tammy Dyke-Compton (UA Dance professor) and Christopher Compton (recent MFA graduate of UA Dance).  Tammy and Christopher come from prolific professional careers in the dance world and bring their talents as choreographers and teachers to ADP.  Musicians and composers, Ben Nisbet (ADP Music Director) and Ryan Alfred (band member of Calexico and founding member of Sweet Ghosts) will create several new works featuring the violin alongside inspirational electronic scores.  The concert will feature ADP company dancers in addition to our professional summer intensive dancers and apprentices.



Location:  Artifact Dance Project Studios, downtown Tucson

Address:  17 E. Toole Ave.

Friday October 3, 7:30pm

Saturday October 4, 7:30pm

Concert Length approx:  1 1/2 hours

Ticket Prices: $15 general (no student discount)



Concert Description:  Tucson is a city with a rich history surrounding the traditions of All Saints’ Day, Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead – celebrating and remembering the deaths of our ancestors and loved ones.  Artifact Dance Project will collaborate with the vibrant Tucson-based band known as Tesoro, famous for their diverse styles of puro flamenco, rumba, cumbia, funk, blues, Latin pop and rock. ADP Co-artistic Director, Ashley Bowman will set several world premieres to Tesoro’s inspirational music.  The choreography will feature contemporary dance fused with acting inspired by those who have passed and are then remembered through rituals and celebration.  The audience can expect to see very poignant duets, solos and group pieces in the intimate and historic studio space of Artifact Dance Project.



Location:  Scottish Rite Cathedral, downtown Tucson

Address:  160 S. Scott Ave.

Friday March 18, 7:30pm

Saturday March 19, 7:30pm

Sunday March 20, 2pm

Concert Length approx:  1 ½ hours + 20 minute intermission

Ticket Prices: $25 general, $20 Student



Concert Description:  “The Grand Parlor” is the main theatre and heart of the historical Scottish Rite Cathedral which will be celebrating their 100th year anniversary this coming season. ADP will celebrate the cathedral’s centennial year by recreating authentic acts from the turn of the century entertainment industry known as “American Vaudeville.” Artifact Dance Project’s company of professional dancers are known for their diversity as actors in addition to their technical abilities as movers.  Co-Artistic Directors, Ashley Bowman and Claire Hancock will draw inspiration from sources such as the old Wild West Shows and historical acts to recreate our own vaudeville show inspired by the rich cultural history of Tucson and the Southwest.  ADP Music Director, Ben Nisbet will arrange new and quirky scores for his band of local and professional musicians to accompany and inspire each act within the show.  Resident Lighting Designer, Don Fox will create an authentic atmosphere.  “The Grand Parlor” is designed to entertain and educate audiences about one of America’s most unique decades of performance art in one of our city’s most pristine historical sites.




Location:  The Loft Cinema

Address: 3233 E. Speedway Blvd.

Thursday April 14, 7:30pm (one night only)

Showtime Length approx:  1 hour

Ticket Prices: $15 general (no student discount)



Film Description:  Artifact Dance Project announces the appointment of film director and producer, Cylan Shaffer (founder and director of GO DO Productions), as the company’s new resident film artist.  Together, Shaffer and ADP will create 7 short films of dance and music inspired by the 7 Deadly Sins to be premiered at The Loft Cinema; Tucson’s much adored movie house.  The collaboration of dance, music and film will be shot in diverse locations around Tucson and its surrounding areas, exposing endless possibilities of how to interpret these infamous themes of religion and humanity. 




Location:  Temple of Music and Art, downtown Tucson

Address:  343 S. Scott Avenue

Friday May 20, 7:30pm

Saturday May 21, 7:30pm

Sunday May 22, 2pm

Showtime Length approx: 2 hours + 20 minute intermission

Ticket Prices: $27 general, $20 student



Concert Description:  The end of our community’s performing arts season will feature a grand finale of dance, music, acting, culture, history and entertainment.  Artifact Dance Project takes on Tucson’s most talked about criminal in social history - John Dillinger who was captured not far from the historic Hotel Congress in 1934.  Award-winning Choreographer and Co-Artistic Director, Ashley Bowman will direct and create an original production inspired by Dillinger’s life story including his arrests, robberies, fellow criminals, women and more.  ADP is known for our collaborative nature and approach to all of our productions and projects.  To powerfully end our season, we will collaborate with the award-winning Tucson-based band Ryanhoodfeaturing the talents of singer-songwriters Ryan Green and Cameron Hood.  “Cameron Hood’s rich and folky lead vocals, Ryan Green’s explosive guitar and mandolin riffs, and their airtight vocal harmonies prompted the Arizona Daily Star to call them, “a match made in radio heaven.””(ref. Ryanhood website).  Their unique sound will be the driving force behind the portrayal of Dillinger’s life.  Other local guest musicians will join Ryanhood throughout the production. ADP company dancer, Maxwell Foster, known for his flawless technique and intense acting capabilities, will dance the lead role of Dillinger.  Co-artistic Director and dancer Claire Hancock will take on the supporting female role of Evelyn "Billie" Frechette, Dillinger’s lover.  Costume designer Charlene Hock will fuse history with steam punk-inspired designs that could have a place on the runway.  Lighting Designer Don Fox will transport the audience scene by scene.  “Surrounding Dillinger” will utilize the incredible talent and artistry the Tucson Community has to offer by “surrounding” the audience with an innovative and moving experience in the historic Temple of Music and Art in downtown Tucson.




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