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THE ZONE: a workshop for actors with Steve Anderson, MFA


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a workshop for actors


with Steve Anderson, MFA




FEE:  $40


Most actors know "the zone" when they feel it - it's one of the greatest feelings in the world.  Like 'flight,' a feeling of relaxation, connection, belonging, vulnerability, freedom and clarity.  A state of being…like a kid rolling down a grassy hill, faster and faster, laughing impulsively as the world spins; experiencing "the moment" fully and freely.  It is a state of opening up and being engaged in the world around you in a way that enlivens your performance; making it authentically responsive and undeniably compelling.


Please join us for this half-day workshop of exercise & improvisation to explore finding your zone, at auditions, in rehearsal, onstage or on-set, in action and in moments of pure stillness and quiet.


"I know a gifted teacher when I see one; Steve is that to a superlative degree!"

-Patrick Baliani, Playwright/Professor - University of Arizona Honor's College


"In a few months with Steve, I went from having absolutely no actor training to being accepted into one of the top college programs in the country - with scholarships!"

- Andrew Gleckler, Actor


"Steve opens the doors wide to imaginative choices and trusting your impulses.  He has so much insight and clarity.  It's a game-changer; he gave my process wings."

-Harris Kendall, Actor - 600 Millas, opposite Tim Roth, Days of Our Lives (10 years)

To register, simply send Steve and email and he'll get back to you with payment info:

Or phone:  520.981.0145

About the instructor:  Steve Anderson earned his MFA in 1991, has performed in off-Broadway and Regional Theatre venues, taught at Clemson University among others, and has been coaching and training actors for 20 years.  Steve is slated to direct a short film out of Phoenix later this year and his second feature film late next year.  Steve also runs a youth program called 'Teen Street Films,' which provides advanced actor training to teen performers as they create original material for short film production.  Last year's company won "Best Cast" IndieAZFest in Phoenix, "Best Short Film" at Film Wars in Tucson, and screened at the Prescott Film Festival.

UP NEXT:  BUILDING A CHARACTER  (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)


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