Monday, August 03, 2015

Additional Casting Call, film “From Dirt”


From: ArtInstitute Tucson []
Sent: Monday, August 3, 2015 3:11 PM
Subject: Another request for casting call notices


Casting call seeking 15 actors. 


Audition Date:           Saturday, Aug 8, 2015

Location:                                Art Institute, 5099 E. Grant Rd, lobby

Time:                                      9 am – 3 pm (by appointment only)   

Protocol:                                 Sides provided upon receipt of headshot (e-mail)



"From Dirt"


Logline: After escaping an illegal child fight club, Danny, now grown up, tracks down the 9 main members of the child fight club for revenge. Will he find retribution in this hunt or will it be halted in its tracks?


Lionel: (Male/30's) Longer hair, messy beard, now wastes his life away smoking and drinking in his trailer home.  


Lue: (Male/30's) Slightly creepy looking, spends most of his time online preying on young children.


Gregory: (Male/30's) Overweight and feeds his horrible hobbies.


Grim: (Male /30's) Well known banker, always out to gain more for himself.


Andrew: (Male/30's) Has an anger problem, treats his family and workers very bad.


Harold: (Male/30's) Against any movement that is considered normal by today's standards. Currently the head of an anti-gay movement.


Vince: (Male/30's) A small time MMA fighter, has a history of violence which only increases with the drugs he takes.


Francine: (Female/30's) A psychiatrist who thinks helping others fix their problems will erase hers.


Timothy: (Male/30's) Currently a police officer who pretends he now stands up for what is right.


Fragile: (Main child fighter/Male/Pre-teen) Friend of child fighter Noodle, they are locked up in the same room between fights and they plan their escape together.


Child Fighter 1/2/3/4 (Child fighters who fight the two main fighters/Male/Pre-teen) They don't have many speaking lines but are prominent in the overall story.


Extras (Background actors for the audience at the illegal child fighting ring)

Extras (Actor who says goodnight to Danny while he is working)

Extras (Background actors for the bar/motel/food joint/sidewalk/bank/coffee shop and locker room)


Production details:

·         Filming late August. 

·         Eighteen (18) total days of shooting (shoot days will be scheduled to accommodate actors and that is estimated overall filming days, not for every actor).

·         No pay, but SAG waivers available as well as all food/drinks and gas covered.

·         Will receive IMDb Credit.

·         Copy of film for your reel.





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