Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Casting Call: 5 minute short film - paid


Hello, this is director Michael Dohrmann of Chosen FilmWorks. I am making a 5 minute short film for the "Make fun of Hillary Clinton" film competition this month. I am casting for a Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. It would be a 1 or 2 day shoot and this would be a paid job. I am looking to shoot on the weekend of December 11-13 in Tucson.

Please be advised this is a VERY "right winged" "conspiracy theory" "comedy". I'm not requiring anyone to have a certain politically beliefs, but please note what you would be involved in. (I'm asking 10 ladies for each roll and may need to video audition those interested)

The film would be put online and feed Alex Jones and 20,000,000 audience base. Chosen Filmworks short film Purge won the "Operation Paul Revere" film competition in 2013.


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