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PeaceWalk Tucson seeking filmmaker/videographer for event on 12/13


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PeaceWalk Tucson is having an event (see attached tentative flyer which isn't yet approved but have the main points right) on 13 December at 4-630pm which I would like to see filmed, conferenced over the internet for live participation, including an internet circle conversation, and then the film edited for posting on youtube, facebook and the website. 

Only, there is no one on the board now who currently knows how to do this.


There is a meeting tomorrow, Sunday 6 Dec, at 430-630pm  at Muslim Community Center at 5100 N. Kevy Place (Sunrise/Rolling Rd. and La Cholla) to talk about planning the event.  (It is usually upstairs.) If you could come to that, it would be great.  If you are interested but cannot, please do get in touch. (You can text or reply all, then delete



The reason I have a particular interest in conferencing is that I have been integral in the creation and planning of this event but am now in NJ and can only participate if I can get some technically savvy person like one of you to take an interest and conference it. Also, it would be cool for the wider world to be able to participate and see what is happening in Tucson.


There might be a possibility (to be discussed at the meeting tomorrow, I

assume) for the person/company donating their services to be listed as a Sponsor.  See attached brochure and advertising page sample from the Walks we have done in the past.


One note on filming, you will only be filming the presenters as there are issues around privacy regarding filming participants (though PeaceWalk Planning Board Members might also not mind.)


So, are there any takers?


FYI:  In addition to filming, editing and live conferencing, we really need help with getting the word out and with contacting media and calendaring and whatever methods of getting the word out you can think of.  We might need help at the event to set up or clean up. (Some snacks will be provided.)  And we would love to be able to reach into student communities and groups so if you are one or know of any students or student groups we can activate to get out to this event, we would love your help in doing so.  Maybe there are even some film or media students who would be interested in taking this on?




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