Sunday, January 31, 2016

Premiere of "First Shoot The Lawyers" at the Loft - filmed in Tucson


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Movie Title:  First Shoot The Lawyers
Where:  The Loft Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway Blvd.
When:  Wed.  Feb. 3 (Premiere) & Wed. Feb. 24  at 7:00pm
Ticket Price:  $6.75


Movie Summary:  "A tormented young woman teams up with an eccentric house-painter and learns how to vent her childhood rage in a very unusual way."

About the Movie:
Local film-makers, writer/director Bill Briles and Aleta Doroudian will be showing their third feature length movie. This movie was mostly shot in Tucson, Arizona and captures the beauty of our local landscape.  The filmmakers also covered more than 30,000 miles across 30 states.  This is the culmination of 4-years of work which includes the collaboration of mostly Tucson cast and primarily one crew-person, Ruth Trushin. The film has won awards in international festivals including the categories "Anything Goes", (Drama, Comedy, Thriller and Action), "Best Supporting Actress", and "Best Screenplay".   Cast and crew members will be available for Q & A after the movie.  This movie is for mature audiences only (R Rated) because of some profanity, a hint of violence, and innuendos of sexuality. 

Expanded Movie Summary:
After losing her job and apartment, Tulip desperately looks for shelter and a means of supporting herself.  Refusing to go back to her childhood home, because of bad memories, she lands in a one-room apartment with Kinard.  He has lived through a childhood full of violence and cruelty and has found an unusual way to vent his left-over anger.  Eventually, through trial and error, conflicting views of the world, and breaking a few laws, he shows her a path for moving on with her life.  This movie portrays how two quirky, yet likable characters, who have not had the best breaks in life, find a warm hearted way to move on with each other.  

For more information go to the website:  Please, feel free to "like" us on FB and   share movie info!  Thanks!!!

By the way, no lawyers were harmed in the making of this movie.:)


We look forward to seeing you at the Loft!  Happy 2016!


Aleta and Bill


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