Saturday, March 05, 2016

Areté Theatre Forge and Sheworxx auditions "Theory of Hearing"


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Audition Notice

Areté Theatre Forge and Sheworxx is holding auditions for

The Theory of Hearing

By Klara Wojtkowska, sheworxx playwright and director

Weaving together the experiences of a traumatized Iraq war veteran, a woman struggling to cure her Lupus and Ludwig Von Beethoven, A Theory of Hearing examines the socio-political terrain of herbal medicine, mental health and the potential of the human spirit to truly listen. It is a fantastical play full of mythology and involves a lot of physical theatre.

We are looking for an actor, any experience, age or gender. Enthusiasm for physical work and spiritual openness preferred.


Doctor: A doctor who disbelieves that a person can be cured of Lupus.


Please e-mail or call Klara at 520-668-1441 to schedule an audition and get details!

No preparation necessary, but wear comfortable clothing, as the audition will involve motion and chorography.

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