Thursday, March 10, 2016

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Seven Deadly Sins // Official Trailer (2016) // Artifact Dance Project











Location:  The Loft Cinema
Address: 3233 E. Speedway Blvd.
Thursday April 14, 7:30pm (one night only) +
Q & A with director, crew and Artifact dancers immediately following film
Showtime Length approx:  1 hour
Ticket Prices: $15 general

Cylan William Shaffer has been appointed Resident Film Artist for Artifact Dance Project and for his first project with the company, Shaffer premieres his latest work, "Seven Deadly Sins."  The subject matter of this collaboration between dance and film is revealed through Shaffer's stunning use of imagery, light and environment. He and director of photography, Gilbert Rataezyk, come together as an exceptional team whose visions create a cohesiveness throughout the distinctive short films.  Rataezyk's camera work is a dance in itself as one watches him capture movement within the atmosphere of each location.  "Seven Deadly Sins" is a series of seven short films depicting the religious vices of pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth.  Shaffer began his process by looking up the pure non-biblical definition of each sin.  For example, the definition of gluttony can often be related to overeating and excessive food consumption.  Shaffer focuses on the more rudimentary interpretation of the sin; in this case, excessive indulgence.  Dance performed in very specific locations expresses the sin in each film.  The choreographic vocabulary for "Seven Deadly Sins" is contemporary dance as interpreted by Artifact Dance Project – a fusion of ballet, modern and jazz.  Dancers from the company and studio including Co-Artistic Directors, Ashley Bowman and Claire Hancock, contribute their talents to the project as choreographers and actors.  Shaffer, a dancer in his own right, most commonly gravitates towards contemporary movement for his films because the style can have an unrestrictive nature lending to the "big picture" of his work.  Shaffer leans towards minimalism when it comes to music for his films, therefore the soundtrack are selections by the famous British composer, Max Richter. Richter's music and Shaffer's vision come together flawlessly.
The location of each film is as unique as the sin.  Shaffer chose locations early in his creative process, therefore the environment of each film formatively shaped the content.  For example, "Lust" was shot in Tucson's Reid Park Zoo inside two empty animal cages. "Envy" was filmed inside the main industrial gallery space at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art in Tucson). Other locations around Tucson include the old Slaughter House on Grant Road, the historic Steinfield Warehouse, Gates Pass near Saguaro National Park West and the iconic Green Valley pecan farms south of Tucson.  The introductory scene of "Seven Deadly Sins" begins with the historic shrine known as El Tiradito located in the Barrio of Tucson. Throughout the seven short films, it is made obvious that the location poignantly interprets the sin and sets the tone for the movement.




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