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*A Pair of Comedy Shorts:  "Box and Cox", written by John Maddison Morton and "Passion, Poison, and Petrification: The Fatal Gazogene", written by George Bernard Shaw. 
It's two farces for the price of one at The Comedy Playhouse. First, in John Maddison Morton's Box and Cox, lodging-house keeper Mrs. Bouncer has found a cunning way to get double the rent from a single room. Mr. Box resides there by day, Mr. Cox by night, and never the two shall meet...until the day they do. Can the two men survive an afternoon in each other's company?
Then, George Bernard Shaw's Passion, Poison, and Petrification finds Lady Magnesia Fitz Tollemache receiving both her husband and her lover in the dead of night... with grave consequences. Come see how a heavenly choir, a fatal gazogene and an urgent quest for lime lead to the monumental conclusion of this astonishing melodrama.
The show, directed by Bruce Bieszki, opens on April 15, 2016 and will run until May 22, 2016 (there will be NO SHOW on April 16). 



The Comedy Playhouse

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