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Making Your Projects Happen with former ICM Agent Jim Jermanok

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Making Your Projects Happen with former ICM Agent Jim Jermanok




MAKING YOUR PROJECTS HAPPEN: Successful Film/TV Producing and Financing!

The Highly Acclaimed Workshop by Former ICM Agent turned Award-Winning Filmmaker & Author, Jim Jermanok.


Learn how to make your own film projects happen with acclaimed filmmaker and former ICM agent Jim Jermanok who represented: Arthur Miller, Dudley Moore, Shirley MacLaine, Alan Arkin & Helen Hayes!

Everyone should listen to Jim Jermanok! I certainly do. - MARTIN LANDAU, Oscar-winning Actor

Jim Jermanok’s advice in “Making Your Projects Happen” are the CliffsNotes for people hoping to make it in the business of creative pursuit; a MapQuest tour through the baffling and congested world of entertainment and media. - STEVE KROFT, CBS News Correspondent for “60 Minutes,” 5-time Peabody Award Winner
Jim’s advice is so spot on; it’s like having a father in Show Business.

- EDDIE FELDMANN, Executive Producer, Writer and 5-time Emmy Award winner (“HBO’s Dennis Miller Live”)


10:00 AM - 3:30 PM
$79 (regularly $119)/$69 EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT UNTIL MARCH 27TH, Student (with ID) $49.


MAKING YOUR PROJECTS HAPPEN: Successful Film/TV Producing & Financing is an acclaimed and intense 5-hour workshop geared toward producers, directors, writers, actors, authors, key crew, and other working and successful creative professionals who want to produce films, TV or new media productions.

In this day and age, it is a well-known fact that to work professionally as an actor, writer, director and producer in any aspect of film, TV and media, you need to create your own opportunities and make your own projects. This workshop is for those in the business and those who want to enter the business. It is based on 30 years of experience and analysis of the qualities and traits that successful film/TV creators/producers share. It is also based on the 30 years of personal and active producing experiences of its speaker, who is currently developing eight TV series and several features.

MAKING YOUR PROJECTS HAPPEN: Successful Film/TV Producing and Financing! is extremely empowering (if not life-transforming) bottom-line and nuts-and-bolts. No fluff. You will be taking 20-30 pages of notes! By the author of the highly anticipated book: "BEYOND THE CRAFT: What You Need to Know to Make A Living Creatively" to be published in 2016. Space is limited--Register today!


• Selecting and researching the right script

• Literary gold mining

• Distinguishing yourself and your projects

• Creating superb promotional materials

• Pitching yourself and your projects

• Where the Film/TV financing comes from

• How to find, approach, research and convince investors

• How to produce or invest in film, television and new media

• The reality behind producing reality shows

• What you need to know about domestic and international tax incentives and other soft money

• Film/TV Producing advantages of holding a foreign passport

• Current status of the independent film industry

• What genres/budget ranges are working now

• Effective networking and an easy networking system

• Art of the schmooze

• Assembling a team whose sum is greater than its parts

• Overcoming creative career self-sabotage

• Understanding and succeeding with agents and managers

• How to take advantage of the boom of fictional TV series

• Branding your film/TV show

• Social Media Marketing for producers

• Making it happen on your own!

About Jim Jermanok:

Jim Jermanok is an award-winning writer, director and producer, creative success expert, consultant and speaker. Jim wrote and produced the highly acclaimed romantic comedy, “Passionada,” which was released by Columbia Tri Star in over 150 countries. His latest film “Em” recently won the Grand Jury Prize at the Seattle International Film Festival and the Criterion International Inspiration Award. It was released recently by Vanguard Cinema and SnagFilms. He is also active in TV, Theater and New Media. He is currently developing eight fictional, andnon-fcitions TV series. Last year, Jim Jermanok wrote and directed “Homophonia,” a political comedy film on gay marriage rights which appeared at the Palm Springs Short Fest and over 50 other film festivals while winning several of them. He also launched an acclaimed and revolutionary new global webseries, "LIFEADVICE.TV," which gives our oldest and wisest people a voice and the rest of us some guidance in our lives. 

Mr. Jermanok is a former ICM Agent who helped to represent Arthur Miller, Shirley MacLaine, John Chancellor, Ben Kingsley, Dudley Moore, Helen Hayes, Alan Arkin and General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, among others. Jim also speaks and conducts workshops worldwide on the subject of his 2016 upcoming book, BEYOND THE CRAFT: What You Need to Know to Make A Living Creatively and The Art and Business of Screenwriting. 

For the past decade, Jim Jermanok has spoken to hundreds of audiences worldwide at entertainment conferences, colleges and universities, film festivals, theaters, and media/arts organizations on the 30 years of wisdom he's acquired about succeeding in the world of entertainment and media. 

Here is a recent Jim Jermanok Producing article from IndieWire, America's top independent film website:

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