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Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre: Audition - Identity Crisis by Gavin Kayner


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Audition Announcement! 

Identity Crisis by Gavin Kayner



Theater: Scoundrel & Scamp, 738 N 5th Ave

Director: Gretchen Wirges

Rehearsals start: End of May
July 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 at 7:30 PM
and July 14, 21, 28th at 2 PM

Auditions: Please bring a prepared 2-minute monologue, headshot, and resume. If you cannot make this date, but are interested in auditioning, send an email to the address above.

Callbacks will be February 25th from 8-10pm

Kayner's plays have won numerous awards and been stage-read, workshopped, produced and published to generous critical commentary. Some of which includes - 'A masterpiece.' M Tabib Artistic Director Curtain Call Theater; and 'A hauntingly beautiful play.' S. Gottlieb LADCC - for The Language of Flowers. 'Lyrically written' K Allen for the Star and 'a brilliant schematic' C Graham for the Citizen - regarding Noche de los Muertos. 'It plays like music, reads like jazz' and 'there is something fascinating going on here' critics for the New Works Pittsburgh Play Festival regarding Interior Dialogues.

Character List:
NULLA - (Early 20's) Bright, repressed young woman in an intense struggle with her need for love, acceptance and fear of saying what's really in her mind. She often speaks through a ventriloquist dummy that she has carried, in every sense of the word, since she was a young girl as a way to cope with her disillusionment with herself and others. Puppeteering experience helpful, but not required.

NEMO (20's - early 30's)- A dynamic, scruffy man of no remarkable physical distinction who is suffering retrograde amnesia. As a result of his amnesia, he's extremely frustrated and driven to surmount it. He's a bit mysterious, a bit charming, and a lot focused on finding his true identity. (Must be able to do a British accent)

CLAIRE- (50+) A wise, eccentric woman of great presence who, through her profession, took on the burden of the emotional energy of too many people she encountered. Her psyche is overwhelmed. Now in recovery, she is fighting to regain her singular identity and peace of mind.

PROFESSOR INANIS (50+) - A reticent, diffident professor of European history who, in order to compensate for his lack of 'personality' has taken on the larger-than-life characters of history. One scene he's the voluble, romantic Marquis de Lafayette and in another the erudite and pompous Carl Jung.

DOROTHY - The sharp-tongued, unapologetic, caustic care home

PHANTA – The sarcastic, biting, outspoken voice of Nulla's ventriloquist's dummy/persona



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