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TIM Comedy Theater: Fall In Love With Improv / This Week's Show Schedule



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TIM Comedy Theater

Fall In Love With Improv

Everything is turning up roses with comedy at TIM this February.  It's like a rose ceremony on the bachelor, and there are so many shows for you to choose from!  

Bad date, good story? Tell us! The brand new cast of The Dating Scene comes together to celebrate the triumphs and tribulations of finding a significant other every Saturday at 9 pm in February.  Audience members share their best or worst dating stories to inspire a hilarious show.  Swipe right on laughter!

Cast: Daniel Kirby, Jack McClane, Ash Trudinger-Smith, Amanda Brosseau, Alex Demeroutis, Czarina Nafarrate, W. Eric Rau, Jessica Gregg, Jeremy Shockley, and Sara Alcazar Silva.

Looking for the perfect comedy date night for Valentines Day? If so, join us for a special heartfelt night at Improv Throwdown Valentine's Day Edition on February 14th at 7:30 pm.

Two three-member improv comedy teams battle onstage for your laughs and the coveted "street cred" awarded by you the audience. It will be a team full of awesome single people versus those married peeps who already put a ring on it!

Hosted by Cory Jenks
Red Team | Super Sweet Single Cast Members
Vincent Dominguez, Holly Hilton, Jessica Stapp
Black Team | Married Cast Members
Ash Trudinger-Smith, Susan Leonitti, Sue Jones






This Week's Show Schedule

Friday Night
7:30 PM - Improv Happy Hour (Improv 501 Student Showcase + Harold Alpha)
9 PM - The Soap Box featuring w/ Angela Gunder

Saturday Night
2:00 PM - FOMP!
7:30 PM - Improv Throwdown
9 PM - The Openers + The Dating Scene




New Classes Starting Soon

Are you looking to have more fun this upcoming year and find a new community of friends?  If so join classes at the TIM Comedy Theater.  Have a more creative spring based in laughter. 

Improv 101 Starts Wednesday, February 27th at 6 pm with Veronica Simone

TIM is also relaunching our Teen and Youth Classes.  Our Teen Improv 101 class will continue to take our regular curriculum and adjust it for students aged 12-17.  Our Youth classes will feature four week blocks of classes focusing on specific areas of improv for 8-12 year olds.

Teen Improv 101 Starts Sunday, March 24th at 10 AM
Youth Improv Basics Starts Saturday, March 23rd at noon





Two teams battle it out for the "street cred" every Saturday at 7:30pm!




The Soap Box is TIM's flagship show, Friday nights at 9 PM!




FOMP! A show for the kid in all of us the second Saturday of the month at 2pm!



Tucson Improv Movement

414 E 9th Street

Tucson, AZ 85705



Tucson Theatre Announcement List for subscription information




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