Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tucson: Casting Call for short film, EL VIEJO E MADDOG


From: David Halenda []
Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 6:19 PM
Subject: announcement for short film auditions

contact: David Halenda
Scott Christenson ph 520- 490-5683

Auditions for EL VIEJO E MADDOG, a film short to begin early February.
Needed are actors for the following roles:

EL VIEJO: an older vaquero type from northern Mexico. Goofy, yet sharp for
his age. Bilingual, accents are fine.

MADDOG: Young Latino male, early 20's. No younger than 18. Very reserved,
could take an anger management course. English speaking. some Spanish
background is helpful.

MAGDELENA: Latina female, no younger than 18. Shy and lovely. Spanish
speaking a must.

Other nonspeaking roles as well.

EL VIEJO E MADDOG concerns the lives of the old man EL VIEJO, who's entire
family has suddenly been deported to Mexico, leaving him alone and isolated,
and MADDOG, a young man struggling to escape a violent and severely
constricted life in the barrios. MADDOG falls in love with MAGDELENA, EL
VIEJO'S GRANDDAUGHTER, but when she is also deported the two unlikely
friends are left to fend for each other. A highly stylized, poetic journey
across the borderlands is rendered, with MADDOG struggling to push EL VIEJO
and his wheelchair out into a mythical desert.

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