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Tucson: casting the new CW pilot, "Hidden Palms"


From: Faith Hibbs-Clark, C.S.A. Casting Director
Sent: Sunday, August 13, 2006 4:45 PM

Subject: News from Good Faith Casting

August 13, 2006

Our office is pleased to announce that we will be casting the new CW pilot,
"Hidden Palms" to be shot here in Arizona until November. We will be casting
series regulars, guest roles, as well as extras and dayplayers. Casting on
this will start immediately with the first episode. The show is under an
AFTRA contract but you do not need to be a union member in order to submit.

For the first episode we are looking for the following characters. Please
mark the character name in the subject bar when you submit. Please send
picture, resume, and contact information to as
soon as possible. Do not send for possible future needs. Please only submit
if you fit THESE roles.

[NIKKI] (17 - female - African-American). NIKKI was born into the bling of
an L.A. entertainment industry family and VIP'ed herself into a
merry-go-round of rehab visits. Now, she stays on the wagon long enough to
hitch a ride to the next party. Equal parts captivating coquette and
manipulative minx, NIKKI weasels her way into JOHNNY'S nascent attempts at
maintaining sobriety and forging a new life in Palm Springs. Soon enough,
everyone in Hidden Palms is spellbound by this delicious dervish of
self-destruction...SERIES REGULAR

EDDIE (17-20 Male - Hispanic or Caucasian). Good looking in a dark sort of
way. RECURRING ROLE CELEBRITY LOOK-A-LIKES - Must be local to Arizona. Any
ideas welcome.

ALSO NEEDED FOR FIRST EPISODE - Cover Band - we are also looking for a 50's
60's cover band, Frank Sinatra Rat Pack type. We also need a choreographed
group of GO GO Dancers.

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Thank you for your continued interest in our casting news.


Faith Hibbs-Clark, C.S.A. Casting Director
Good Faith Casting

phone: 480-643-5446

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