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Tucson: Coyote Ramblers Performing Artists Present: American Album - Volume One (Women on the Verge)


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The Coyotes Are Ready to Howl!!

55 N. 6th AvenueTucson, Arizona 85701
(520) 682-3224 
For Immediate Release
Coyote Ramblers Performing Artists Present:
American Album - Volume One (Women on the Verge) by Ken Tesoriere
Performance Schedule:
     Friday at 7:30pm, Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2:00pm
Opening night: Friday, Nov 3rd
Closing: Sunday, Nov 19
Three innovative structure original plays of women on the verge of change in today's world:

- HOT-WIRED HIGHWAYS - At what point does a person's life become so redundant that they must change - or risk losing their life?

- TIME - What are some of the secrets we all shelter that haunt us and please us?

- LENA'S SECRET GARDEN - At what point does personal choice become personal survival?
All three plays are award-winners, two multiple award-winners, as is the writer/director of this presentation.
     Melissa Kiger as Christina in Hot-wired Highways.
     Maxine Gillespie as Cleo and M.J. Richardson as the choreographer/dancer in Time.
     Marissa Garcia as Lena and Clay Utley as Michael in Lena's Secret Garden.
Location: Coyote Ramblers perform out of the intimate, multi-use theater facility at Artfare / The Muse, in the Sears Executive Building, 3rd floor, on 6th Avenue north of Congress Avenue and before Pennington, across from the Ronstadt Bus Center.  Street parking available free during performance times and a public parking garage is right next door.  Safety escorts will be provided into the building for any partons that feel that necessity upon prior request.  Come enjoy vital original theater in Tucson!

Be advised of adult situations and language in these shows.
     All tickets for all patrons regardless of age: only $10:00
Reservations recommended, and also for other information: 682-3224, leave a message.

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