Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tucson: More Info: Demo Reels/Price included

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Can you post this one as well. I needed to add the prices. Cheers.cj

Making your big break can be hard. By having an actors reel or directors
reel you can show your talent and abilities on screen regardless if you live
in L.A or not. Having a reel will further your chances for submissions and
letting the rest of the world know who you are. Price is negotiable and
friendly. Services are fast. If you have your footage on DVD we can make you
a reel. It's as easy as that. Go to the following links for an example.



Price Rate Fee. $150.00 to $200.00. Plus shipping and handling.
Includes: 1 Master DVD Copy and 1 Quicktime copy (Internet use)

Located in Tucson, AZ

Also the DVD will come with menu,music,headshot and any personal information
you would like added...ie Agents name, website, phone number. It's good to
have that so a casting director or agent can get ahold of you just by
looking at your reel. Headshots will be needed in Jpeg format. All
information given or received will be undisclosed to the public.

Note: I've been getting a lot of emails with orders and I'm working on
reels as we speak. Reels can be finished within 3 days of the order.

Contact Clint James at

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