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Tucson: Stark Naked Productions is seeking performance art submissions

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Stark Naked Productions is seeking performance art submissions for its
January '08 production of Ecstasy and Delerium.

For the purposes of this production, performance art will be defined as
inclusive of at least 2 of the following art forms: monologue, scene work,
dance, dance theater, creative movement, mime, enactment, personal/group
ritual, living sculpture, conceptual or improvisational drama or movement,
poetry and spoken word, photography and visual art as installation or
scenery, sound-scaping, live or recorded music. All submissions should
include at least one live action component.

All submitted works should pertain directly to the theme of Ecstasy and
Delirium as it relates to SN Production's mission statement:

"Stark Naked Productions is dedicated to producing theatrical work that
encourages audiences to transcend religious, social, political and
interpersonal boundaries. We believe theatre holds a unique power to expose
the commonalities of human experience that lie beneath divisions of gender,
race, class, nationality, religious and spiritual orientation. Stark
Naked's audiences can expect nothing less than to be startled, roused and
challenged to reconsider the "rules" by which we isolate ourselves and the
beliefs that keep us polarized. Being particularly concerned with audiences
that seek theatrical confrontation, it is our goal and our mission to create
theatre that incites self-reflection, rather than imposing contrived

Submitted work should evolve around the tension between ECSTASY as a
psycho-spiritual state emanating from an intense "religious" experience and
DELIRIUM as determined by mental/physical illness, extreme confusion or
organic dysfunction.

Please submit a (maximum) 200 word description of the piece and (max.) 50
word synopsis that includes the premise of the piece, the script or
choreography for the piece, list of all resources needed (e.g., AV
equipment) to bring the piece to full production. CDs or DVDs of the work
are also acceptable.

Please note that artists are responsible for audition and casting of all
talent, construction of sets, acquisition of props, wardrobe, coordination
of multi-media components, acquisition of rehearsal space and coordination
of all rehearsals, and dramatic or choreographic direction,

Artistic collaborations are encouraged.
A stipend of $125 will be paid for completed work that is selected for the

Submission deadline is September 15th, 2007. Submissions may be sent to:
Stark Naked Productions
Katrina Steib
2920 North Euclid Apt. A
Tucson, AZ 85719
Or e-mailed to:
Please call 529-8868 for further information.

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