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Tucson: Classes for children at The Studio for Actors



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Young Ones (ages 6-12)

Here's what The Studio for Actors is offering for The Young Ones (Ages 6-12)
This is a package of three private sessions designed to help the parent who wants to get their child or children involved in "the business".  If you'd like to see your kids prepared to audition for feature films, national TV commercials, and/or local plays (such as at the Arizona Theatre Company or the Invisible Theatre) - this is the package for you. (Also, I can gear the entire package to the L.A. market.)

Session One - 1 hour private session with just the parent (or parents.)  We'll cover the tools needed to participate on a pro level - photos - and I'll create the resume(s).  I'll give you information about legit agents in Arizona and we can talk about whether you want to have one or not.  I'll inform you about unions and many other aspects of the business - and especially how to steer clear of less than reputable situations.

Session Two - 1 hour private session with just the parent.  we'll finish going over all the information in session one, and also open session two up to any questions you may have about the business and/or auditioning - also I'll begin to go over with you how you break down scripts and run lines with your child at the audition.

Session Three - 1.5 hour private with the parent and one or two children .  What we'll do here is: I'll work with you and your child, teaching you how to break down the script, communicate it to your child and run the lines - and - I'll audition your child several times, showing him/her how to impress the casting directors at the auditions.
With one child: $65.00; two children $85.00

So - three private sessions, booked about a week to ten days in advance, and we open the door for you and your child to audition for the really big projects.

Call 881-2363 for questions, or any more information you might need.



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