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Tucson: Pima County Library Teen Advocacy video casting call - boys aged 14-17

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Subject: [Tucson Actors Forum] Pima County Library Teen Advocacy video casting call - boys aged 14-17

Pima County Library and Panleft productions are partnering to create a
new advocacy video for the library to encourage and educate teens on
how to use the library. The video will not be preachy or cheesy. It
will be done as a short film paying homage to the John Hughes film,
"The Breakfast Club," but will also be it's own story, honestly
portraying teens as multi layered people.

The video will be shot on location at the Joel D. Valdez Main Library
on Sunday, July 22nd.

We currently still need to fill one role
Andrew, "The Jock"  Age: 14-17. Physical: Athletic.

Currently Andrew is on the football team. In the past, he has played
soccer and baseball. He tends to hide behind his sports star status
most of the time, but is in fact, more reclusive then most of his
teammates. He tries to be an agreeable and obedient kid both at home
and school, but resents the authority figures around him. His true
passion lies in inventing and engineering, so he tends to spend his
free time in the garage tinkering on his grandfather's old station

Family life:
Andrew has an older college-age brother that his parents think he must
live up to in all respects. He comes from an orderly and simple
household where his father is the primary breadwinner for the family.

As of July 2nd, we have not scheduled any auditions for the role and
will wait to confirm based on level of interest/responses.

Who's directly behind it?

Liz Burden is the co-producer. Liz is the executive director at Pan
Left productions and this year has run the City Works Documentary film
class at City High. Her background is in Broadcast journalism.

Liz's contact:

Ben Umstead is the co-producer and director/writer. A 2005 graduate of
the Los Angeles Film School, Ben has been making movies since the age
of 15. This past year he was a co teacher in the City High Doc class
with Liz and has run film camps for kids and teens in the past.
Currently he works as an teacher's aide at Greenfields Country Day

At this stage Ben is directly dealing with the majority of the casting

Ben's contact:
phone # (323) 316-0847

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