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Tucson: LTW All Together Theatre Season 2007-2008



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2007-2008 All Together Theatre Season

Entertainment For the Whole Family

Rumble in the Jungle: A Tarzan Tale

Adaptation by Megan Patno, Music By David Ragland

August 26 - November 4, 2007

Tarzan meets Jane. Tarzan meets Jane's father. Jane's father teaches Tarzan to be a man. Jane and Tarzan fall in love. Jane meets Tarzan's mother who is a gorilla, and his friends who are a zebra and a leopard. Jane and Tarzan realize that they come from very different worlds and cannot be together. Tarzan and Jane struggle to understand one another, narrowly escape poachers, and discover the wonders of the primitive and modern worlds colliding in this truly wild musical adventure.

Deputy Jan

Music and Story by Richard Gremel

November 11, 2007- January 27, 2008 (No show December 23)

In the old west there's gonna be a new sheriff in town and Deputy Jan would like the job. Trouble is, Deputy Jan is scared of bad guys. But when there is a robbery at the Rootin' Tootin' Root Beer Saloon, she'll come face to face with the worst outlaws in the west. Ride along on this wild west musical adventure as Deputy Jan tries to find her courage, save her friends, and show everyone that the best man for the job is a girl.

Christmas Sing-along

Music with Michael Martinez

December 23, 2007

Everyone comes together to sing our favorite Christmas carols, listen to classic Christmas stories, and teach our clumsy elf how to cook Christmas cookies. With special guest appearance from-you-know who.

Princess Furball

Adapted by Melanie Roeder, Music By Michael Martinez

February 3 - April 20, 2008

Princess Furball is in love with a charming and dashing ogre, and in one week her parents will banish her from the court if she marries the monster instead of a suitable prince. The clever princess buys time by creating wild and twisted plots to confuse her royal family. In this original musical, the princess learns that material things are less important than love, and tries to convince her family to see beyond the mere exterior of her beloved ogre.

Abi Yo-Yo

Written by Joan Van Dyke

April 27 - June 8, 2008

A full cast of dancers and singers tells the tale of an African prince and princess who must find a way to ease the wrath of an angry king who blocks the light of the sun. With the assistance of monkeys, water buffalo, and the African Queen, the royal children discover courage and the secret of peace.

Oso Fuerte

Music and Story by Michael Martinez

June 15 - August 17, 2008

A young boy with the gift of great strength is sent into a fantastic world to save a princess. Even with the help of man who moves rivers, and a woman who moves mountains, he becomes trapped in the world of shadows and can only be freed by an audience listening to his tale. In this bilingual musical adventure, the boy with the strength of a bear finds his power in gentleness.

Tickets to all shows range from $8 to $5 with discounts available for cash. Call for reservations 520/-327-4242. Shows at 5317 E. Speedway Blvd.

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