Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tucson: NEW FREE TTA feature - post your headshot and bio

Hi TTA List Members,


I’ve added a new feature to TucsonStage.com. 


I’m getting quite a few emails from casting directors looking for specific types and asking if I “know anyone who….”   So, I’ve setup a way for TTA List Members to have your headshots and bios posted and searchable on TucsonStage.com.  As always, there is no cost to anyone for this. 


To see how it works, got to www.TucsonStage.com and click on “Member Headshots”.  ESTEBAN OROPEZA is my willing volunteer to be first on the website. 


If you want your headshot and bio on TucsonStage.com, just email them to tucsonstage@gmail.com and I’ll upload them to the TucsonStage.com area of GoogleBase.  Your bio can be in the body of the email or in an MS Word compatible attachment.  Please keep the formatting of you bio pretty simple as I don’t have time to be your editor. 


I hope you find this new service useful,



TTA List Administrator


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