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Tucson: Casting Call, Jon Proudstar Film, CHAOS THEORY



Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2008 12:03 PM
Subject: [IFASA] Auditions for Jon Proudstar Film



Painting With Light Films

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Skyfire Pictures

Are seeking Actors for the following roles.


1.)JON- LEAD(40 yr. old Native/Hispanic/Jew.) Jon is funny and neurotic. He is barely getting over his break up of three years ago. He reluctantly enters the modern world of dating in search of monogamy and true love.

2.)VERONICA - SUPPORTING(late 20’s MUST BE ETHNIC, female.) Veronica is the Ex girlfriend of Jon. This characters calls for a high degree of acting ability.

3.)DR.MISHAN - SUPPORTING(35-60 yr old female, any ethnicity) Dr.Mishan is the Therapist of Jon and Sonia.


5.)FELIX - LEAD(30 something any ethnicity. Handsome with extreme physique. Underwear model.) Felix is a sex addicted scoundrel who relishes the sexual conquest of beautiful women.

6.)MANDY - SUPPORTING(20 something any ethnicity.) Mandy is cute but not beautiful. She is the quintessential “girlfriend” of Felix.

7.)OFFICER SHEILA – SUPPORTING(Late 20’s any ethnicity) Sheila is an attractive Police officer that falls under Felix’s love spell,

8.)OFFICER DUNN – SUPPORTING (20 to 30 something male OR female, any Ethnicity) Officer Dunn is older partner of Officer Sheila.

9.)LILIANNA - LEAD(Early 20’s, Latina. *Must look old enough to be a college Senior.) Lilianna is a lovable but determined girl. She has her heart set on Marriage and kids. She is smart and determined. COMIC TIMING IS A MUST. She is the main love interest of Jon.

10.)DEAN – SUPPORTING (Early 20’s any ethnicity) Handsome boyfriend of Lilianna. Dean is a scoundrel with a Cheshire trade mark grin.

11.)GIRL - DAY PLAYER (Early 20’s Any Ethnicity, female) Young, gorgeous college girl.

12.)GILGA – LEAD(Late 20’s any Ethnicity) Gilga is an undercover Police officer who is secretly in love with Sonia. He is a large imposing figure of a man. He comes off as a gentle giant but hides his no nonsense attitude quite well.

13.)SONIA – LEAD *Mild Nudity(Early 30’s Caucasian female. Will look at other ethnicities) Sonia is a bit of a Goth with Jet Black hair and pale skin. She is pretty without being intimidating. Sonia has a tendency to date the wrong guy. She longs to find a partner that is into monogamy.

14.)DUTCH – SUPPORTING(Late 20’s to early 30’s any Ethnicity male.) Dutch is boyfriend to Sonia and owner of a night club. He’s cheating on Sonia as well as running a sex cam on the web. He’s charming with a dark side.

15.)STRIPPER I– DAY PLAYER (Female 20’s Any Ethnicity) Awesome physique and beautiful.

16.)DEVON- SUPPORTING (Early 20’s attractive Lipstick lesbian Female) Devon is the attractive to a fault. Very No nonsense attitude.

17.)SHAWNA – SUPPORTING (Late teens Any Ethnicity female) Shawna is the youngest employee at the coffee shop. Quite with a good energy.

18.)RUTGAAR – SUPPORTING(20 something Any ethnicity gay male) Rutgaar works at the coffee shop with Lilianna.

19.)PENN – DAY PLAYER (20’s Any Ethnicity Female) Manager of the coffee shop. Stern in a good way.

20.)ANDRE – SUPPORTING (Mid to late 40’s Male Caucasian) Friend and business partner to Jon. Andre is good natured but a bit of a sexual deviant. Good humor and witty.



23.)ALEXANDRIA – SUPPORTING (30 something ex underwear model and mother of Lilianna) Alexandria is a beautiful and articulate. She has a solid relationship with her daughter Lilianna.

24.)OFFICER (College) – DAY PLAYER


26.)ZACH – SUPPORTING (Late 20’s Handsome and built, Any Ethnicity Male) Zach is Felix’s chief competitor for lead Alpha male in their pod.

27.)BETINA – SUPPORTING (20’s Any Ethnicity female) She’s a man killer who eats hearts as an appetizer before consuming your soul and dignity. The unobtainable woman.


29.)DETECTIVE BERNAL– SUPPORTING (40’s – 50’s Any Ethnicity Male) Comes across like a used car salesmen from Hoboken then a Detective.


31.)DANIELLE – DAY PLAYER (Early 20’s smoking hot female) Dean’s other girlfriend.

32.)LEONARD – SUPPORTING (30’s Any Ethnicity Male) Leonard is an Ice Cream Man finishing his last year of Law School. Leonard suffers from Captain Save-a-ho syndrome. Minor Physical humor.

33.)LAUNDRY GIRL– DAY PLAYER (20’s gorgeous female)

34.)REENA – SUPPORTING (30’s Any Ethnicity Female) Pretty and crazy. She is the over zealous date of Jon’s. MUST BE ABLE TO DO PHYSICAL HUMOR

35.)RUBEN – DAY PLAYER (Late 20’s Any Ethnicity Male) Veronica’s new Fiance. Handsome, well dressed and groomed professional.


Please contact Jon Proudstar at:



*This is Non Union deferred pay. Transportation and hotel will be covered if hired.


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